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This page talks about how to buy Doomsday Hybrid Seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

We do not usually talk about doomsday hybrids since you can only get one growing season out of them.  But hybrids may come in handy as you get the open pollinates to start producing.

Hybrids are usually more productive, more disease resistant and usually easier to grow.  But you cannot use them for reproducing seeds since they are bred by combining the best characteristics of several types.  They are not GMO seeds though.

I am going to keep this in line with the regular doomsday pages.


Beans:  There are no hybrid bean seeds that I can find.

Moneta Red Beet

Precision sowing saves thinning. A typical beet seed can contain 2 to 3 embryos, which results in clumping. Monogerm beet seeds contain only one embryo. This feature eliminates thinning and results in superior uniformity. They grow smooth, deeply colored roots with medium-tall greens.  A pack of 200 beets should produce at least 180 beets.

Harvest in 46 days.

Moneta Red Beet (Red) 200 Hybrid Seeds


Arcadia broccoli has the best cold tolerance for fall and winter production. A rugged, vigorous broccoli with mid-late maturity. Big plants with heavy, very firm, dark green, domed heads with a unique "frosted" appearance. Tolerant of cold stress. Excellent side-shoot production. Ready to eat in 58 days.  You should be able to get about 40 heads of broccoli form 40 seeds.  This does not include the side shoots.

Arcadia Broccoli 50 Hybrid Seeds


For a carrot we suggest the Bolero.  Bolero is a reliable storage carrot. Medium to long, 7 to 8 inch roots are uniform, thick, slightly tapered, and blunt, with a medium core and average internal color. The flavor is good, fresh, and tops the charts after long-term storage.

A great choice for fall and winter harvest. Heavy, tall tops. Intermediate resistance to cavity spot, bacterial blight, and cercospora blight. Heavy Nantes type.  Ready to harvest in 75 days.  You should get at least 400 carrots from a pack of 500 seeds.

Bolero Carrot 500 Hybrid Seeds


Skywalker Cauliflower is the best organic variety for fall. Uniform, medium-sized, self-wrapping heads. Large healthy plants. Cold tolerant. For late summer and fall harvest. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in 80 days.  You should be able to get 20 heads from a 25 pack of seeds.

Skywalker Cauliflower 25 Organic Hybrid Seeds



Sugar Pearl Sweet Corn is an early white, sugary enhanced variety.

Sugar Pearl is our recommendation for sweet corn.   There are no yellow hybrid corn seeds, that are not sweet, with the exception of the Robust which is a popcorn.

Sugar Pearl Sweet Corn is an early white, sugary enhanced variety. 7 and 1/2 to 8 inch long, fancy, tapered ears have sparkling white kernels with excellent eating quality and tip cover. The cool soil germination is average. Recommended minimum soil temp. at planting 55°F. 6½ foot plants. 

The 8 inch, slightly tapered ears are filled with 14 to 16 rows of sweet, richly flavored, tender white kernels. Great tip fill. Dark green, tight husks, and abundant dark flags. Requires warm (65°F/18°C) soil to germinate properly. Intermediate resistance to northern corn leaf blight and Stewart's wilt.  Ready to harvest in 91 days.

From a packet of 100 seeds you should get at least 80 ears of corn. 

Sugar Pearl Sweet Corn 100 Hybrid Seeds


Robust 997 Popcorn

Robust Popcorn has high-yielding, yellow popcorn. 7-8" ears with glossy, deep yellow kernels. A high percentage of kernels pop producing tender popcorn. 8-9' plants. Ready to eat in 112 days.

Robust 997 Popcorn 100 Hybrid Seeds



Uniform, smooth dark green, straight, 8”L x 2” slightly tapered fruit. Highly productive, top quality performer. Pollinator added 12-15% by weight.  Harvest in about 58 days.

Dasher II Slicing Cucumber 50 Hybrid Seeds


Exceptionally early, heavy yields of uniform, straight, blocky 3 to 4 inches long by 1 inch medium dark green fruits with white spines. Suitable for machine or hand harvesting. Pollinator added 12-15% by weight.  Harvest in about 60 about days.

Calypso Pickling Cucumber 50 Hybrid Seeds



Intruder fruits are large, blocky bells with thick walls. Plants are medium large with a good canopy to minimize sunscald.   Well adapted to the Northeast but also grown in the Midwest. High resistance to bacterial leaf spot races 1-3, tomato etch virus, and tobacco mosaic virus; and intermediate resistance to phytophthera root rot. Harvest in about 62 days for Green to 72 days for Red. You should be able to get about 200 peppers from 25 seeds.


Summer Squash--coming soon

Winter Squash--coming soon


Big Beef Beefsteak Tomato

We suggest the Big Beef for a beefsteak.  I have grow these before and they produce and produce.  They are indeterminate and will continue to produce until they freeze.

The Big Beef tomato has a nice combination of size, taste, and earliness. Large 10 to 12 ounce size, mostly blemish-free, globe-shaped red fruit. They have full flavor - among the best - and ripen early for their size. Broad disease resistance package. High resistance to alternaria stem canker, fusarium wilt races 1, 2, gray leaf spot, nematodes, tobacco mosaic virus, and verticillium wilt.  AAS winner. Indeterminate.  Harvest in about 70 days.  50 Seeds will produce about 800 tomatoes.

Big Beef Beefsteak Tomato 50 Hybrid Seeds


Martha Washington Slicing Tomato is great for salads.

We recommend the Martha Washington as a slicer.  Heirloom-quality pink slicer with a more reliable plant. Great taste, like the pink heirloom tomatoes, with wider adaptability make Martha Washington easier to grow under varied growing conditions. Soft, melting texture will limit the shipping range. Globe-shaped pink fruit weigh from 8-16 ounces Indeterminate.Harvest in about 78 days.  25 seeds will produce about 250 tomatoes.

Tomato Slicing Martha Washington (Pink) 25 Hybrid Seeds


Supersweet 100 Cherry Tomato is a hybrid.

A good hybrid cherry tomato is the Supersweet 100 tomato.  Supersweet 100 is the classic sweet, red cherry tomato. This is a reliable cherry tomato with prolific yields of great tasting, 15-20 gram fruits produced in large clusters. Widely adapted. High resistance to fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt. Indeterminate.  Ready to harvest in 57 days.  25 seeds will produce over 1000 tomatoes.

Supersweet 100 Cherry Tomato 25 Hybrid Seeds



Royal Hybrid Sunflower is a hybrid.

Royal Hybrid is a single head tall sunflower.  High-yielding, early sunflower for delicious, gray-striped, edible seeds and bird food. Single stem/bloom plants are 7 feet in height with a flower diameter of 8". Traditional-type hybrid variety with larger seeds.

Royal Hybrid Sunflower 50 Hybrid Seeds



There are no hybrid herbs that I have been able to find.

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