Doomsday Hybrid Spinach Seeds


This page gives instructions on how to buy doomsday hybrid spinach seeds from David's Garden Seeds®.

Doomsday Hybrid Spinach Seeds

Acadia Spinach

Acadia Spinach (Green) 5000 Organic, Hybrid Seeds


Organic semi-savoy for spring and fall. Upright plants with glossy, dark green, oval leaves. Similar to Kookaburra, but slightly slower bolting in late spring/early summer, and slower growing in the fall. Great regrowth for "cut and come again" harvest. Grows more slowly than most of our overwintered varieties when late-winter sown.  Harvest in about 27 days.

Corvair Spinach

Corvair Spinach 5000 Organic Hybrid Seeds


Corvair Spinach produces organic smooth-leaf spinach for spring crops. Very dark-green, uniform, oval leaves. Slow bolting. Upright plants hold well. High resistance to downy mildew races 1-11, 13.  Ready to harvest in 47 days.

Emperor Spinach

Emperor Spinach (Green) 5000 Hybrid Seeds


Dark-green, semi-savoy for spring and fall. Upright, dark green leaves with long stems are great for bunching. A moderate growth rate makes Emperor a good choice for spring and fall plantings.  Harvest in about 28 days.

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