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This page gives instructions on how to buy doomsday hybrid turnip seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Hakurei TurnipHakurei Turnip

This white salad turnip sets the standard for flavor. The smooth flat-round, white roots mature early, just after radishes, and are best harvested young up to 2 inches in diameter. Eaten raw, the flavor is sweet and fruity, and the texture is crisp and tender. The dark green, hairless tops are useful raw or lightly cooked with the roots. Hakurei stays smooth as it sizes.  Harvest in about 38 days.

Hakurei Turnip 5000 Hybrid Seeds


Tokyo Cross TurnipTokyo Cross Turnip

AAS Winner! Best suited for Early Spring and Autumn sowing. Can be harvested at any stage. 2" at 35 days, grows up to 6". Late bolting, good flavor.  Harvest in about 45 to 65 days.

Tokyo Cross Turnip 5000 Hybrid Seeds


Purple Prince TurnipPurple Prince Turnip

Purple Prince turnip seeds produce bright purple summer harvest turnips. The pure white flesh is crisp and tasty, and never too strong in flavor. The strong tops are also delicious, and suitable for picking as greens. The purple on the shoulder is pronounced, and the skins are smooth with a slender tap root. This is a good candidate for planting multiple short rows throughout the season so they don't all come ready at once.  Very beautiful half purple half white smooth turnip. Vigorous, high yielding and globe shaped. Harvest to 6" diameter. Harvest in about 55 days.

Purple Prince Turnip 5000 Hybrid Seeds


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