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Now you can buy Doomsday Lettuce Seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Below is what David recommends for the San Antonio area.

Cherokee LettuceCherokee Lettuce

Cherokee is a summer crisp and is heat tolerant. Thick, crisp, dark red leaves with good flavor. Very slow bolting with excellent tolerance to heat and bottom rot. Resistant to DM races 1-16, 19, and 21. Harvest in about 50 days.

Cherokee Lettuce 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

Black Seeded Simpson quickly produces a large head of delicious, crinkly, juicy, light green leaves. Grow-able all season, spring, summer, and fall.  Harvest in about 40 days.

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce 500 Heirloom Seeds


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