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Aladdin Ornamental Hot Pepper

Aladdin Ornamental Hot Pepper (Multi) 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Aladdin Ornamental Pepper Seeds are small, ornamental plants, often potted and grown indoors during cooler months. Starting seeds in late spring/early summer should yield a decorative, holiday fruiting. Upright plants produce small, conical shaped fruits in varying shades of yellow, green, purple, orange and red.

Harvest in 90 days.

Orange Wonder Ornamental Pepper

Orange Wonder Ornamental Pepper 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Most often used as a potted ornamental, these lovely little conical shaped peppers are a bright orange, covering a leafy green bush. Can be sown in May/June for a festive holiday fruiting. 

Harvest in 90 days.

Tabasco Ornamental Pepper

Tabasco Ornamental Pepper 50 Heirloom Seeds


Tabasco Hot Pepper is incredibly hot with a delicious smoky flavor, this is the pepper made famous by the Tabasco Brand Pepper sauce since 1848. Plants grow to 4 feet tall as the Tabasco Peppers mature from creamy yellow to orange to red. Will thrive in a container as well, protected from the frost Tabasco Pepper plants can live for several years. If you love the sauce, try making your own. Buy hot pepper seeds for your garden! 

Harvest in 75 days.

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