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This page talks about how to buy Doomsday Pole Bean Seeds from David's Garden Seeds®.

Below are the pole beans we recommend.

Blue Lake FM1K Pole Beans

Prolific climber to 5 ½-6’H. Produces 6”L stringless, dark green, round, straight, smooth pods that set from base to the top of the vine. Stay sweet and crispy even at maturity! Yields until frost. Good flavor as a snap or shell bean. White seed. USES: Canning, Dried, Freezing, Fresh Markets, Home Gardens (BCMV).   Harvest in about 65 days.

Blue Lake FM1K Pole Bean 3000 Heirloom Seeds


Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans

Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean Seeds are organic heirloom seeds. An old fashioned favorite, "Kentucky Wonder" is what some experts say is the American name for the classic "runner bean." That tells you it'll be a strong pole or fence-growing vine with great green pods to harvest right into fall.  Ready to harvest in 65 days.

Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean 3000 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Carminat Pole Beans

As a deterrent to food scavengers we recommend the Carminat.   Carminat Pole Beans have beautiful, slender purple pods. Much nicer than older, purple pole bean varieties. Harvest pods at 8 to 9 inches long. Excellent, rich, and slightly sweet flavor. Suitable for fresh use in salads or cooked. Beans turn green when cooked.  Ready to harvest in 62 days.

Carminat Pole Bean 3000 Open Pollinated Seeds


Gita Pole Beans

A more widely adapted day-neutral variety of a subtropical Asian specialty. Graceful, 16-20 inch long, dark green pods, no bigger than the diameter of a pencil. Stringless, sweet, and richly flavored for steaming and stir-fry. Prefer warm days and nights - expect reduced yield in cooler areas. Use a tall trellis.  Ready to harvest in 85 days.

Gita Pole Bean 1000 Open Pollinated Seeds


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