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This page gives instructions on how to buy specialty pepper seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Antohi Romanian Specialty Pepper is a tasty, Eastern European frying pepper. It is smooth, 4" long by 2" wide, tapered, pointed fruits are pale yellow and ripen red. The upright plants have good branch strength and yield early and heavily.

Jan Antohi was a touring acrobat when he defected to the United States. In late 1991, he visited his family in Romania for the first time in more than 8 years, and came back with seeds of this delicious heirloom.

Romanians fry these in a hot skillet to experience the sweet, full flavor. Heirloom seeds. Ready to harvest in about 70 days green, 95 days red ripe.

Antohi Romanian Specialty Pepper 50 Organic Heirloom Seeds


A sweet pepper used pickled or in salads, the Hungarian Sweet Wax Pepper will produce light yellowish green peppers that will turn to orange then red when mature; just sow them in a sunny spot with well drained soil and enjoy a bountiful harvest.  Harvest in 70 days.

Hungarian Specialty Pepper (Yellow) 50 Organic Seeds


Lunchbox Specialty Peppers are snack peppers. Beautiful, mini-sized, colorful Lunchbox snack peppers are remarkably sweet and flavorful. They are delicious sauteed, as an addition to salads as a healthy snack. Grow and sell them individually or as mixed colors loose or in clam shells. Organically grown. Ready to harvest in 55 days green and 75 for color.

Lunchbox Mix Specialty Pepper 25 Organic Seeds


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