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Garlic is from a bulb, not from a seed.Garlic is from a bulb, not from a seed.

This is David's Garden Seeds® buy garlic bulbs page. It lists all of our garlic bulbs we have for sale.

The first thing to keep in mind is garlic is sold in bulbs that are made up of 4 to 6 or more cloves.  The clove is broken down and this is the part that is planted.

Now don't ask me how you plant a clove and it turns into a bulb.  But it does.

We have been telling people we were not going to have any this year and then an order showed up.  Apparently months ago I placed an order and forgot about it.

Garlic Bulb Chesnok Red about 2 to 6 Cloves


Great for roasting.  Chesnok Red is a cold-hardy, purple-striped hard-neck variety known for its fine flavor and smooth texture when roasted. Produces large bulbs with 8–12 medium-sized cloves per head. Stores 6 months when cured. A stiff-neck type.  Harvest in about 290 days.

Garlic Bulb ElephantGarlic Bulb Elephant

Garlic Bulb Elephant About 2 to 6 Cloves


Elephant has a tall, solid, flowering stalk and broad, flat leaves. The cloves are milder and sweeter than true garlic varieties and have a yellow hue. Elephant garlic is often thought to have the flavor of onion and leeks mixed with soft notes of garlic. Elephant garlic can be used raw or in cooked applications as it is often treated as a vegetable versus an herb because it is so mild in flavor. Roasting, baking or grilling will enhance its flavor, and its large size makes it perfect for slicing and deep frying to make garlic chips.  Harvest in about 240 days.

Garlic Bulb German Extra HardyGarlic Bulb German Extra Hardy

Garlic Bulb German Extra Hardy About 2 to 6 Cloves


The most reliable garlic to grow.  This exceptionally cold-hardy, hard-neck porcelain variety produces large heads with about six cloves. White outer skin conceals the red skin of the cloves. Classic garlic flavor works well in a wide range of recipes and cuisines. Cures well for long storage. A hard-neck type.  Harvest in about 290 days.

Garlic Bulb MusicGarlic Bulb Music

Garlic Bulb Music about 2 to 4 Cloves


Music is a very popular selection derived from German Extra Hardy. It is prized for its jumbo cloves, long storage potential, and strong field performance in cold climates. Skins are very thick and tightly wrapped, with creamy white color. About 4 cloves per head. A stiff-neck type.  Harvest in about 290 days.

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