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This page talks about how to buy heat tolerant vegetable plants from David's Garden Seeds®.  When we say "heat tolerant" we mean plants that will do well around 90 degrees.  In some cases, extreme heat will stop production.  Some plants may still produce but what they produce will not taste good.

For instance, most beans will still produce beans but they will be leathery and not good to eat when grown in extreme heat.

Tomatoes will stop producing when night temperatures are above 75 degrees.

Some plants that will continue to produce, no matter how high the temperatures get, are Southern Peas.  They love the heat.  Okra loves the heat as well.  Astro Arugula loves the heat as well.

I will be compiling a list here over the next few weeks so keep checking back for new information.

We will list the plants alphabetically by family name and then by variety.

I am focusing on vegetables that can be grown in San Antonio since it gets pretty hot and dry here.

There are vegetables, like tomatoes, that can be planted in June for September harvest and will continue to produce until the temps drop below 55 degrees.

These are what I have grown here in San Antonio.  They may work in other hot areas.  But keep in mind that gardening is not an exact science.  There are too many variables to consider.

Artichoke:  There are none that will grow here once the temperature gets above 85 degrees.  If you hear of any, let me know.

Arugula: Astro

Asian Greens: Carlton

Bean: Cosmos

Broccoli: Green Magic, Imperial

Bunching Onion: White Spear

Carrot:  Romance

Leafy Greens: Goldberg Golden Purslane, Green Malabar Spinach,  Orach Light Green, Orach Ruby Red, Red Leaf Vegetable Amaranth, Red Malabar Spinach 

Lettuce:  Adriana, Cherokee, Coastal Star, Concept, Jericho, Magenta, Muir, Nevada, New Red Fire, Panisse, Red Cross, Salvius, Skyphos, Sparx, Starfighter, Tropicana

Mustard Greens:  Green Wave, Red Giant, Red Splendor

Okra:  All of them

Pac Choi:  Black Summer, Green Pac, Joi Choi, Mei Qing, Win-Win

Pea: Wando

Radish: Crunchy King, Pearl, Rover, Sora

Southern Pea: All of them

Peppers: Sweet

Peppers: Hot

Radishes: Crunchy King, Pearl, Rover

Tomatoes Beefsteak: Celebrity, Homestead, Tycoon

Tomatoes Cherry: Black Cherry, Sun Gold, Supersweet 100

Tomatoes Plum: Juliet

Tomatoes Slicing: Arkansas Traveler

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