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Cherokee Cornfield Pole Bean Seeds are heirloom seeds with pretty earth tone shades and markings. Yields well, especially when grown up corn stalks. The story goes that the different color varieties should not be separated out or else they will barely flower -- that much like a family, they are stronger when kept together. Traditionally eaten as a shelly bean -- boil the pods like one would with edamame, then pop the small beans out of their pods. Great for growing in the south. Ready to eat in 60-110 days.

Cherokee Cornfield Pole Bean 50 Heirloom Seeds


This heirloom dwarf plant is a big yielder! Early Thorogreen Bush Lima Bean produces a 3 inch, flat, thin lima bean that lacks the meaty texture of bigger lima bean varieties. Considered a baby lima bean as it grows on low maintenance, 18" bush plants. Highly suitable to Northern states, Early Thorogreen Bush Lima Bean is a delicious choice for soups and casseroles.  Ready to harvest in 65 days.

Early Thorogreen Bush Lima 100 Heirloom Seeds


Fordhook Lima Bean is an AAS winner more than 60 years ago and still the standard for lima beans. Early bearing and delicious, this is the best large-seeded variety. Open pollinated.  Ready to harvest in 85 days.

Fordhook Lima 25 Heirloom Seeds


The Henderson Lima Bean is ready to eat in 65 days. Phaseolus lunatus. Plant produces high yields of flavorful baby lima beans. Pods are 3 ¼" long and dark green. High in vitamin A, B, and C. Excellent canning and freezing variety.  Ready to harvest in 65 days.

Henderson Lima 50 Heirloom Seeds


King of the Garden Lima Bean is an heirloom, the most widely grown heirloom lima. Introduced in 1883 by Frank Platt after selecting 5- and 6-seeded pods of 'Large White' pole lima. Produces 4 to 7" long by 1-1/4" wide pods, containing 4 to 6 large creamy-white seeds with honey-like flavor. Vines grow to 9-1/2' and bear heavily over an extended season. An old favorite of excellent quality. This is a pole lima bean.  Ready to harvest in 88 days

King of the Garden Lima 50 Heirloom Seeds


For spicy soups, stews, and re-frying. The best variety of this Latin favorite, Midnight Black Turtle Soup Dry Bean is an improved, upright-growing, black bean strain. The tall bush keeps the pods off the ground. Small black beans, about the size of pea beans.  Ready to harvest in 104 days.

Midnight Black Turtle Soup Dry 200 Heirloom Seeds


Plant Pinto Bean Seeds. Popularized by Mexican dishes, Pinto Beans are high in protein and one of the most popular dried beans on the market. Harvest when the pod is completely dried while still on the vine, or eat green and young as a snap bean.  Ready to harvest in about 85 days.

Pinto Dry 100 Heirloom Seed


A Classic heirloom, the "Roma II" is a favorite snap bean that produces lovely pods on an upright plant. "Roma" grows a little bit slower than some of the other bush beans, but produces a freshly delicious bean.

Roma II Bush 100 Heirloom Seeds


Tendergreen Bush Beans definitely deserve their heirloom status; they have been a family staple since 1925! Tendergreen Bush Beans are heavy yielding, heat tolerant, disease resistant and can grow in just about all parts of the country as they have a fairly short growing season. These bean seeds have a great taste, tender texture and stringless pod. Tendergreen bush beans are delicious fresh, frozen or canned. It is no wonder that Tendergreen Bush Beans have been delighting generations of families!  Harvest in about 60 days.

Tendergreen Bush 100 Heirloom Seeds


Tongue of Fire Dry Bean is a market stand out with striking red-streaked pods. The fresh shell beans are large and round. The 6-7" stringless pods can be eaten and marketed young as snap beans. These Italian beans retain their flavor whether fresh, frozen, or canned. Original stock seeds collected at the southern tip of South America, in Tierra del Fuego.  Ready to harvest in 104 days.

Tongue of Fire Dry 100 Heirloom Seeds


Bright yellow 4 to 5 inches long, round, stringless, straight, tender and meaty pods produce white seeds with purple-brown eyes. Delicious buttery flavor! Early, dependable, erect 15-20”H bushes. Let dry at maturity for shelled beans. Good for northern and southern climates. (BCMV, R) C, F, FM, HG.

Topnotch Wax Bush 100 Heirloom Seeds


Vermont Cranberry Dry Bean is a very large bean for soups and baking. Long, avg. 6", bright red-mottled pods are borne on large, upright plants. The shelled beans are oval, medium-sized, plump, red and pink streaked. This old-time Northern New England variety can also be grown for shell beans. Mild flavor.  Ready to harvest in 75-98 days.

Vermont Cranberry Dry 100 Heirloom Seeds


Windsor Fava Bean is an "Old World" bean that is gaining popularity in the U.S. The demand for Fava beans has been growing due to their nutritional value, creating a niche product opportunity for market growers.  Windsor is a classic English variety with 5-6" pods containing 3-5 large, 1", fresh green shell beans. Ready to harvest in 75 days

Windsor 25 Heirloom Seeds


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