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Now you can buy heirloom southern peas. They are also known as Cowpeas.Now you can buy heirloom southern peas. They are also known as Cowpeas.

This page gives instructions on how to buy heirloom southern pea seeds from David's Garden Seeds®.

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Big Boy 100 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


Bush type plant produces heavy yields of long pods. This variety has 13 to 16 light tan peas per pod. Excellent for fresh use, freezing or canning. Cream cowpeas. An excellent choice for home gardens. Harvest in 70 days.

Southern Pea (Cowpea) California Blackeye #5Southern Pea (Cowpea) California Blackeye #5

Southern Pea (Cowpea) California Blackeye #5  100 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


Tall bushy plants bear pods level with the foliage. A long time favorite with Southern growers!. 6-8”L pods are above foliage. Does not exhibit leaky eye (discolors canning brine) when canned. Great fresh, frozen or canned. Harvest in 70 days.

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Mississippi CreamSouthern Pea (Cowpea) Mississippi Cream

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Mississippi Cream 100 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


A cool weather crop, that likes well drained soil. Has pods that are 7 inches long and are light-green to creamy-white at maturity (shell stage) and dry to a straw color. Has high yields and can be used fresh, frozen or canned. Produces two crops when planted early. Pick and let pods rest overnight for easier shelling.

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Mississippi PurpleSouthern Pea (Cowpea) Mississippi Purple

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Mississippi Purple 100 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


Less vine than most of the other heirloom varieties of brown crowders. High yielding, delicious large brown seeds with reddish purple pods at green shell stage. Pods shell very easily. At the dry stage, they are purple. Concentration of pods at foliage level and is bunched. Pods contain about 14 seeds and mature over a short time. 24"H semi-erect with semi-compact foliage. Lavender flower. Harvest in 65 days.

Mississippi Silver Southern PeaSouthern Pea (Cowpea) Mississippi Silver

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Mississippi Silver 100 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds

$4.45  Out

Green peas are typical of the brown crowder. Large, light green to cream in color at green shell maturity and flattened or crowded on the ends. 7 to 8 inch green pods are smooth, silvery color occasionally touched with streaks or spots of light rose and light straw when dried. Crop is set early and is concentrated over the top of the row slightly above the vines. Good performers in hot, humid climates! Shells easily. Vines are very similar to the Mississippi Purple. Resistant to Fusarium wilt.  Harvest in about 65 days.

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Pinkeye Purplehull Texas GrownSouthern Pea (Cowpea) Pinkeye Purplehull Texas Grown

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Pinkeye Purplehull Texas Grown 100 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds

These are found on our Texas Grown Seeds page. All vendors are out of these as of this day 01-06-2021.

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Southern LadySouthern Pea (Cowpea) Southern Lady

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Southern Lady 100 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds

$4.45 Out

Lady' is a heat tolerant, cream-type Southern pea. Like many older heirloom varieties, their growth habit is semi-erect, meaning that their plants will produce short runners and tend to sprawl plants. That said, the pods tend to set at foliage level making them easy to pick. Their white flowers produce short, slightly constricted pods yielding peas that are sweet, very tasty, very small, and cream colored with a darker colored eye. 'Lady' peas are sweet tasting and usually ready to eat at the green shelly stage (about 70 to 75 days), when they can be eaten fresh, or frozen for later. They also can be left on the vine to dry and are usually ready at about 90 days. They are a small pea so it takes a little more work than other varieties, but most people feel that is is worth the effort. Harvest in 70 days.

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Texas Cream 8Southern Pea (Cowpea) Texas Cream 8

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Texas Cream 8 100 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


Very popular garden variety! Mild flavor and a creamy, soft texture. Upright, tall bushy type plant with dark glossy leaves. High, concentrated set pods make peas easy to pick. High yields of small seeds with a smooth and wrinkled seed coat. Green when mature and dark straw colored when dry. Highly tolerant to drought and a wide variety of soil conditions, including heavy clay and sandy soils. Harvest in 70 days.

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Texas Cream 12Southern Pea (Cowpea) Texas Cream 12

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Texas Cream 12 - 100 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


High bushy plant habit with dark green leaves and a dull luster with white flowers. Pods are about 5” long and 0.34” wide. Pods are greatly curved and have slight constrictions, are green at maturity and dark straw colored at dry stage. Testa is wrinkled and smooth and medium in size. Harvest in 70 days.

Texas Cream 40 Southern PeaSouthern Pea (Cowpea) Texas Cream 40

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Texas Cream 40 - 100 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Erect plant habit with dark green foliage with a dull luster. Flower color is white and maturity is late. 6 to 8 inches pods are set above foliage, bunched and contain about 13 seeds per pod. Pod color at maturity is green with an orange eye and dark straw at dry stage. Constrictions are slight and curvature is slight. Seed shape is kidney; class is non-crowder with a wrinkled and smooth seed coat.  Harvest in about 70 days.

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Top PickSouthern Pea (Cowpea) Top Pick Cream

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Top Pick Cream 100 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


Matures earlier than most other cream peas. Upright bush plant with prolific set of pods at the top where they are easy to see and harvest. Plants produce 2-3 heavy flushes of pod sets. Pick when light purple for shelling. The seeds keep their color when cooked and have a creamy but not mushy texture. Easy shelling. Good drought tolerance. Harvest in 55 days.

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Top Pick PinkeyeSouthern Pea (Cowpea) Top Pick Pinkeye

Southern Pea (Cowpea) Top Pick Pinkeye 100 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


An early, heavy-yielding, semi-bush variety with good disease resistance.Very early, concentrated pods on top of plant. Very popular. Harvest in 70 days.

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