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Indian Spring Mix Hollyhock

The semi-tall stalks of Indian Spring Hollyhock are filled with single and semi-double blooms in shades of pink. Prolifically blooming, Indian Spring Mix is known to bloom in its first year, which is unusual for Hollyhocks.

Blooms in 70 days.

Indian Spring Mix Hollyhock Flower 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


Majorette Double Mixed HollyhockMajorette Double Mixed Hollyhock

Majorette Double Mixed Hollyhock Seeds are self-seeding biennials that can grow up to nine feet tall. They produce single blossoms in shades of white, pink, and red. Will grow well in most regions of the United States. 

Blooms in 70 days.

Majorette Double Mixed Hollyhock 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Single Mix Hollyhock Flower

A garden classic, popularly found in English and cottage-style landscapes, Hollyhock Single Mix features lovely range of pinks and reds blooming summer into fall.

Blooms in 70 days.

Single Mix Hollyhock Flower 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Summer Carnival Hollyhock

Summer Carnival Hollyhock will provide a carnival of color in your garden all summer long!

Blooms in 70 days.

Summer Carnival Hollyhock Flower 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


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