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This page tells how to buy kale seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Blue Curled Scotch is a variety that is delicious, nutritious, and attractive. It is an extremely strong producer, especially in cooler climates. Use Organic Blue Curled Scotch Kale in salads or stir-fry.  Ready to harvest in 55 days.

Blue Curled Scotch 200 Organic Seeds


Olympic Red Kale has a sweeter flavor than is typical for red kale. Color is variable, ranging from dark reddish-green with purple ribs to full-purple. This kale variety has tightly curled leaves with long petioles that form  colorful bunches. It has a uniform size, shape, and yield with excellent vigor and cold hardiness. Sustained harvest from the lower leaves up, like Winterbor. Organically grown seeds.  Ready to eat in 60 days.

Kale Olympic Red 100 Organic Seeds


It has smooth green leaves for baby leaf or bunching. Premier is an extremely vigorous, very cold hardy variety that produces high yields of medium green foliage with scalloped leaves up to a foot long. Premier grows from a crown, like parsley or spinach, making it a great candidate for machine harvesting. Stems have very close leaf nodes. Outside leaves can be snapped off and bunched, and the center will regrow. Organically grown seeds.  Ready to eat in 25-30 days.

Kale Premier 100 Organic Seeds


Red Russian Kale is a tender, colorful specialty for salad mix and bunching. It is a special, refined strain. Stems are purple; leaves are deep gray-green, purple-veined, flat, noncurled, and tooth-edged. The plants mature medium-tall and leaves are tender compared to other kales. For salads and light cooking. Ready to harvest in 25 days baby or 50 days full.

Red Russian 100 Organic Seeds


Scarlet Kale is a multi-purpose, open-pollinated kale. The broad, frilly, purple leaves grow on upright stalks that are two to three feet tall.  Scarlet compares to Redbor in height, leaf shape, and color. Good uniformity for an open-pollinated variety. Great for baby leaf and bunching, and can also be used as a bedding ornamental.  Harvest in about 60 days.

Kale Scarlet 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Good basic kale, 24-30" tall, tender leaves are light green and ruffled, thick white stems. Organically grown. Great for the south.  Ready to eat in 55 days.

Siberian 500 Organic Seeds


Starbor Kale is for a "one-cut" harvest. The finely curled, dark blue-green leaves can be harvested with one cut instead of being stripped off the plant individually, as kale is traditionally harvested. The compact plants produce leaves that are very uniform, resist yellowing, and have good flavor. Perfect for harvesting the whole plant at 12-18".  Ready to harvest in 55 days.

Starbor 100 Hybrid Seeds


When you buy Kale seeds try the Toscano Kale seeds.  It has dark green, blistered leaves that are Lacinato or "dinosaur" type.  Unique leaf type: extra-dark green, non-curled but heavily blistered (savoyed). Tolerant to hot and cold weather. Organically grown. These seeds can be used to produce more seeds.   Ready to eat in 30 days for baby, 65 days for mature.

Toscano 500 Organic Heirloom Seeds


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