Marjoram Herb Seeds


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Herb Marjoram Sweet (Green) 200 Organic Seeds


Common variety. Aroma is similar to oregano, but sweeter and more balsam-like. Compact plant. • Edible Flowers: Use the flowers, which have a mild and marjoram-like flavor, as you would the herb to garnish salads, soups, stews, sauces, and stuffing. Also pairs well with citrus, mushrooms, and fish.  Harvest in 80 days.

Herb Marjoram Zaatar 50 Organic Seeds


Marjoram is native to the Mediterranean, where it has flavored meals for thousands of years. Soft gray-green leaves on plants with a semi-upright habit. Flavor combines those of sweet marjoram, thyme and oregano.

Not to be confused with Zaatar, an herbal blend of several ingredients. Grow as a tender perennial - start indoors and keep out of freezing temperatures. Harvest stems when they reach at least 4-6". Organically grown. Harvest in about 90 days. 

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