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This page gives instructions on how to buy mint seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Common Mint is used to flavor salad mix, main dishes, ice cream, and drinks, like iced tea and mojitos. Common mint grows as spearmint.  Medicinal: Leaves are used in tea to aid digestion. Mint grown from seed does not come true and produces plants that vary widely in flavor from spearmint to menthol mint to peppermint. Sow in pots and transplant your favorite plants. Can be used for mint sauce, jelly, desserts, and, fresh or dried, for tea.  A cooling herb for external inflammation. Internally it has spasmolytic, carminative, and expectorant properties. Ready to harvest in 60 days but leaves can be picked any time.

Mint Common 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Mexican Marigold Mint has aromatic leaves that are a substitute for French Tarragon. Sweet licorice flavor brightens salads and main dishes. Pretty, golden yellow flowers bloom all summer. Thrives in warmer climates where French tarragon will not grow.  Ready to harvest in about 80 days but leaves can be picked any time.

Mexican Mint Marigold 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Mountain Mint has White flowers that attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. Needs staking in windy locations. Used in potpourri, incense and as an ingredient in natural insect repellent formulas. Medicinal: In teas for indigestion, fevers and to regulate the menstrual cycle.  Ready to harvest in about 60 days but leaves can be picked any time.

Mint Mountain 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


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