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Alaska Mix Nasturtium has green and white variegated foliage. Improved strain of brilliant, single, 2" flowers in yellow, crimson, orange, salmon and cherry. Compact, mound-shaped plants. Ht. 10-15 inches. Blooms in 55-65 days

Alaska Mix 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Empress of India is a Victorian era heirloom. Scarlet flowers stand out amid the very dark green foliage of this old-fashioned favorite. The compact, mounded plant habit makes it especially suitable for containers or as an edging plant. Ht. 16-20 inches.  Blooms in 55-65 days.

Empress of India 50 Heirloom Seeds


Jewel Mix produces a delicious edible flower. Bright, single and double, 2" blooms in red, pink, orange, and yellow held above light green foliage. Grows to a height of 16 inches.  Blooms in 55-65 days.

Jewel Mix 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Kaleidoscope Mix is a robust, organic mix that will add excitement to any garden bed or container. All the traditional bright colors of a nasturtium mix with the added plus of marvelous swirled bi-colors. Organically grown. Grows to a height of sixteen inches. Blooms in 55-65 days.

Kaleidoscope Mix 50 Organic Seeds


Plant Nasturtium Tall Mixed Colors Seeds and get the ultimate mix of the ultimate garden flower. Easy to grow and low maintenance, Tall Mixed Color Nasturtiums are beautiful, beneficial, edible and aromatic! Its hard to find a single cultivar that hits all the marks, but Nasturtium does it with style to spare!  Blooms in 60 to 90 days.

Tall Mixed 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Trailing Mix Nasturtium has brilliant blossoms contrast with abundant green foliage. Flowers in red, rose, orange, and yellow. Perfect for hanging baskets and containers, or even as a ground cover. Will "climb" if tied to upright supports. Ht. 96-120.  Blooms in 55-65 days.

Trailing Mix 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


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