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Ailsa Craig Exhibition Onion is a classic mild onion with excellent size potential. Jumbo to colossal, round to teardrop-shaped bulbs with light brown skins. Use fresh or for short-term storage.  Ready to harvest in 110 days.

Ailsa Craig Exhibition 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Cabernet Intermediate Onions give early yields of red onions. Cabernet produces medium-large globe-shaped onions with deep red color. Late-intermediate adaptation gives an earlier harvest than long-day reds without sacrificing size. Good internal color, mostly single centers. 4-6 month storage. Adaptation: 35-45° latitude.  Ready to harvest in 104 days.

Cabernet Intermediate 500 Organic Hybrid Seeds


Candy Onion is widely adapted, mid-day. Slightly flattened yellow onion has potential for large size, especially when sown for overwintering in its optimum 33-40° latitude range. A Walla Walla-type for growing farther south.  Ready to harvest in 110-115 days

Onion Candy 200 Hybrid Seeds


Cortland Long Day Onion is an organic, yellow storage onion. Large, blocky-round, uniform onions with thin necks that will dry well. Very hard with a thick, rich brown skin for good storability. High resistance to fusarium basal rot. Adaptation: 38-55° latitude.  Ready to harvest in 104 days

Cortland Long Day 200 Organic Hybrid Seeds


One of the more dependable and productive early onions, New York Early Onions produce medium-large, blocky, firm, yellow onions that are early and suited to medium-term storage. Its flesh is more tender than the extra-hard, long storage varieties. Adaptation: 38-50° latitude. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in 98 days.

New York Early 500 Organic Seeds


This is an extremely long storage yellow onion. Patterson Long Day Onion has the same firmness and storage qualities as Copra, with a larger size, better uniformity, and higher yield potential. Medium-large, blocky bulbs with dark yellow skin and thin necks that dry quickly. Adaptation: 38-55° latitude.  Ready to harvest in 104 days.

Patterson Long Day 500 Hybrid Seeds


Red Bull Onion produces large, deep red bulbs. Uniform bulb size with nice red color throughout the interior rings. Stores as well as Redwing. Adaptation: 43-65° latitude.  Ready to harvest in 110 days.

Red Bull 200 Hybrid Seeds


Red Burgundy is a classic red onion. An attractive and mild-flavored onion that is a delicious complement to just about any dish. Short day onion.

Red Burgundy 500 Organic Seeds


Red Creole Onions produce flat, hard bulbs are filled with spicy, red flesh. They are great additions to salsas, Cajun foods, and other zesty dishes. Short-day Red Creole Onions grow great in the southern states and tropical areas and are good keepers.  Ready to eat in 110 days.

Red Creole 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Red Grano Onion is a wonderful, all-around heirloom onion! With its crisp and mild flavor, the Red Grano onion is a great for cooking, is a perfect hamburger topping, and is delicious in salads. Being a short-day onion, the Red Grano is best suited for growing south of the Kansas/Oklahoma line. Let the medium sized, Vidalia-style Red Grano tantalize your taste buds!  Ready to eat in 110-115 days

Red Grano 200 Heirloom Seeds


Red Hawk Onion grows medium to large, uniform bulbs that are slightly flattened with consistent color and excellent skin retention. Adaptable enough to also be grown as a late intermediate-day variety. High resistance to pink root.  Ready to harvest in 107 days.

Red Hawk 500 Hybrid Seeds


Released in 1983, the Texas 1015Y onion was developed by the legendary Dr. Leonard Pike of Texas A&M University. Its name derives from the planting date in Texas (October 2015).  The bigger it gets the sweeter it gets. Texas 1015 onions can weigh up to a pound or more! Stores up to two months if cured properly. The Texas 1015 is considered a Short Day onion, but many times it takes longer for bulbs to develop, so it can be used in Intermediate and in Long Day areas. Has been grown from Mexico to Ohio.  Ready in about 110 days.

Texas 1015Y 500 Organic Seeds


Walla Walla Onion is a juicy, sweet, regional favorite. In the Northwest, which has normal low winter temperatures above -10°F, seed is sown in late August, and a crop of very large, flattened, ultra-mild onions is harvested early the next summer.  Walla Walla may be spring planted using seeds or plants in colder regions where winter survival is hit or miss. It is not as big or sweet as the wintered-over crop, but still milder and juicier than others from spring planting. Nice as a "green top" onion. Not for storage.  Ready to eat in 125-300 days.

Walla Walla 200 Organic Seeds


Large, white, round bulbs for the South. From our trials in southern growing areas, we have found White Castle to be a very uniform yielder. Suitable for overwintering. To maintain white color, cure in the field as briefly as possible. Stores 3-4 months. Adaptation: 30°-38° latitude. Intermediate resistance to fusarium basal rot and pink root.

White Castle 500 Hybrid Seeds


Short Day. Known by many names (Noonday Onion, Georgia Sweet and the ever-popular Vidalia), the Yellow Granex hybrid onion is one of the sweetest, most versatile onions around. It separates beautifully and is delicious either cooked or raw. Large, yellow globes are packed with flavor and its easy to see why the Yellow Granex is the most popular sweet onion in America!

Yellow Granex 500 Hybrid Seeds


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