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Belgian Totem Endive Chicory

The roots of this Dutch variety can be taken from the refrigerator or root cellar and forced successfully from September to January. The resulting "chicon" is a venerated European delicacy and welcome off-season leafy vegetable for salads and cooking. Organically grown.

Harvest in about 21 to 29 days for leaves. Roots are ready in about 115 days.

Belgian Totem Endive Chicory 50 Hybrid Organic Seeds


Benefine Endive Chicory

Fancy blanched leaves for salad mixes. Specialty chicory of the Trés Fine Maraîchère type, also known as "frisée." Benefine forms a beautiful, ruffled head of thin, light-green leaves that are deeply cut and toothed. At maturity, its heart blanches to reveal creamy, tender-sweet leaves ideal for gourmet salads. Suitable for warm-season production. Organically grown.

Ready to eat in 48 days.

Benefine Endive Chicory (Green) 100 Organic Seeds


Endive Dubuisson ChicoryEndive Dubuisson Chicory

Dubuisson Chicory is a slow bolting, broad-leaved endive. Slightly slower growing than Keystone, which it replaced, making it less prone to tipburn. Leaves are less broad and more frilly. Very uniform. Technically a Wallone type.  Ready to harvest in 50 days.

Endive Dubuisson Chicory 50 Organic Seeds


Rhodes Chicory

Narrow, frilly, blanched leaves for salad mix. A small endive technically of the French Trés Fine Maraîchère type, often referred to as "frisée" in the salad mix trade. Smooth but deeply cut, toothed pale-green leaves. Forms a mass of tender blanched leaves at the heart for salad mix. Like all T.F.M. types, it can be sensitive to tipburn and requires an attentive grower. Mild flavor. Organically grown.

Harvest in 50 days.

Rhodes Chicory 100 Organic Seeds


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