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Buckwheat Organic 1 Ounce SeedsBuckwheat Organic 1 Ounce Seeds

Sow Buckwheat any time between last spring frost and 1 month prior to first fall frost. A great quick summer crop, fast growing plants choke out weeds. Bees love the white flowers that appear in 4 to 5 weeks.

The tender stems are easy to cut down when the crop's done. For a fall/winter cover crop we recommend sowing buckwheat together with crimson clover. The buckwheat acts as a nurse crop for the crimson clover during the heat of the day. In the fall, the buckwheat is killed by frost. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in 30 to 45 days.

Buckwheat Organic 1 Ounce Seeds


Crimson Clover Organic 1 Ounce PackageCrimson Clover Organic 1 Ounce Package

Crimson clover fixes up to 200 pounds of nitrogen per acre, and prefers well-drained, loam soils with good organic matter content for best results. It is an excellent choice for under-seeding as it grows well in the shade of other crops. Easier to incorporate in the spring than Hairy Vetch.

Do not use for frost seeding as it won't handle the cold. Crimson clover will not re-grow after close grazing or mowing once flowering has begun. Crimson clover does best in cool, humid weather and will perform poorly in the heat of summer.  Blooms in 70 to 90 days.

Crimson Clover Organic 1 Ounce Package


Hairy Vetch Organic 1 Ounce PackageHairy Vetch Organic 1 Ounce Package

Use Hairy Vetch cover crop seeds for short-term, legume green manure for nitrogen fixation. Sow spring to late summer with or without grain, grass, or field peas. When sown late summer, spring regrowth is vigorous and nitrogen producing for tilling in before planting the spring garden crops.   May have some allopathic properties, so it is best to allow 2 to 3 weeks between incorporating and seeding of small-seeded crops. This selected hardy strain is widely adapted and withstands all but severe winters if sown in late summer or fall.  Blooms in 60-300 days.

Hairy Vetch Organic 1 Ounce Package


Mammoth Red Clover Organic One Ounce PackageMammoth Red Clover Organic One Ounce Package

Large plant with big leaves makes it an ideal grazing crop. In addition to its uses for nitrogen fixation and as forage, the flowers of red clover may be used to garnish drinks, salads, soups, and desserts; the flavor is sweet and mild.   Mammoth Red Clover may be the best choice for frost seeding; it is extremely cold hardy and does well in most soils and growing conditions. it does, like most clovers, perform poorly in hot weather unless seeded into a crop canopy. Incorporate fully for best results.  Blooms in 70-90 days.

Mammoth Red Clover Organic One Ounce Package


Medium Red Clover Organic One Ounce PackageMedium Red Clover Organic One Ounce Package

Low-growing, multi-cut clover. Fast to establish, tolerates most soil types, and is suitable for hay or silage. Often used as a cover crop between rows of vegetable crops if mowed to maintain manageability.

NOTE: Seed is coated with APEX™ Green Hydroloc, an OMRI-listed seed coating that contains a mix of minerals, nutrients, and rhizobia bacteria for enhanced germination and plant growth. Organically grown.

Medium Red Clover Organic One Ounce Package


Spring Green Manure Organic One Ounce PackageSpring Green Manure Organic One Ounce Package

Enrich the soil with both nitrogen and organic matter. The mix contains field peas, oats, and hairy vetch. Designed for spring sowing, but it may be sown anytime early spring through late summer. 

For green manure, incorporate into the soil anytime your garden schedule suggests. Mid and late summer sowings may be left to winter over and the vetch allowed to regrow some in the spring.

Spring Green Manure Organic One Ounce Package


Sweet Clover One Ounce PackageSweet Clover One Ounce Package

Sweet Clover is a tremendous green manure and honey plant. Sweet clover can grow nearly anywhere, with as little as 16 inches of rainfall per year. It has deep tap roots that mine soil nutrients and water from deep within the soil. It is better than many of the other clovers for nutrient recycling and appears to have a greater capacity to extract potassium, phosphorus and other soil nutrients from insoluble minerals.

Sow in spring to summer at 1/2 lb./1,000 sq.ft. (15 lb./acre) as an annual, or let grow the next year over 6 ft. tall. Should be grown with 1½ to 2 bushels of oats as a "nurse" crop. Sweet clover is slow to establish the first year and may have some winter kill without adequate snow cover.

Second year growth is tremendous. Will fix as much nitrogen as alfalfa and doesn't require an acid soil. Can produce as much as 170 lb. of nitrogen per acre although 100 lb. per acre is closer to the average. Excellent conditioner for poor and thin soils. Mostly yellow with some white flowers. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in 70-90 days.

Sweet Clover Cover Crop One Ounce Package


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