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This page gives instructions on how to buy organic heirloom popcorn seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Seed stock from Merlyn Niedens, combining several strains of long ear Cherokee popcorn sent by Carl Barnes of Turpin, OK. Carl has helped save many of the Cherokee Long Ear Small Popcorn corns that came west over the Trail of Tears. Small kernelled variety makes surprisingly large pops, yielding for a low hull/ corn ratio. Great flavor. Highly ornamental, 5-7 in. ears have many shiny colors including red, blue, orange, white, and yellow. 6-8 ft. plants.  Ready to Harvest in about 100 to 110 days.

Cherokee Long Ear Small 200 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Dynamite Popcorn has high yields and great buttery flavor that makes this a farmer’s market best seller for grower William Hale. Sturdy 5 ft. stalks produce 2-3 ears with 12-14 rows of big kernels for easy popping. Ready to Harvest in about 100 to 110 days.

Dynamite 200 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Pennsylvania Buttered Flavored Popcorn has a flavor that is superior to commercial popcorn. Produces white-kernel ears, averaging 2 per 8 ft. stalk. 4-6 in. ears with 26-28 rows of kernels, 1½-1¾ in. at the butt, tapering to 1 in. at the tip. Ready to Harvest in about 100 to 110 days

Pennsylvania Buttered Flavored 100 Organic Heirloom Seeds


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