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This page gives instructions on how to buy organic heirloom tomato rainbow seed pack from David's Garden Seeds.

These are heirloom seeds so they can be used to produce more seeds.  The set includes:

Black Prince:  Mahogany brown with flavor, relatively smooth, 3-5 oz., indeterminate.

Brandywine: We describe Brandywine's luscious flavor as very rich, loud, and distinctively spicy.

Yellow Brandywine:  An orange version of Brandywine. This potato-leafed variety can be finicky to grow, with roughly shaped fruit one year and smooth the next. Indeterminate.

Cherokee Purple:  Medium, large, flattened globe fruits. Color is dusky pink with dark shoulders. Indeterminate.

Cherokee Green:  Medium-sized, 8 oz., heirloom fruits mature from green with a hint of orange to orange with some green striping. Indeterminate.

Rose:  Deep pink and smoother than Brandywine, Rose is every bit as meaty and flavorful. Fruits weigh 10+ oz.

Great White:  Big yellow-white fruits with mild taste. The fruit is meaty with few seeds, a mild non-acid taste, and creamy texture. Indeterminate.

Moskvich:  One of the most appealing extra-early tomatoes. Fruits are early and deep red. Rich taste. Smooth and globe-shaped, 4-6 oz. with a small stem scar. Indeterminate.

Valencia:  Sunny orange fruits with full tomato flavor. Round, smooth fruits average 8-10 oz. Their meaty interiors have few seeds. Indeterminate.

Striped German:   Bi-color red and yellow fruit. The flat, medium to large, variably ribbed-shoulder tomatoes are shaded yellow and red. The marbled interior looks beautiful sliced.

This is one of our most popular sellers.

Tomato Rainbow Pack  500 Organic Heirloom Seeds, 10 Packs of Seeds


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