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Deep Purple Bunching Onion

Deep red-purple. The first red bunching type that is highly colored at any temperature. For spring or summer sowing.

Harvest in 60 days.

Deep Purple Bunching Onion (Purple) 200 Organic Seeds


The most winter-hardy bunching onion. Sow in spring for summer use or sow in fall for overwintering. Little or no bulbing. If your winters are severe, this is the one to grow. May be handled as a perennial by dividing the clumps the second summer to produce a new crop.

Harvest in 60 days.

Evergreen Hardy White Bunching Onion (White) 500 Organic Seeds


New York Early OnionNew York Early Onion

One of the more dependable and productive early onions, New York Early Onions produce medium-large, blocky, firm, yellow onions that are early and suited to medium-term storage. Its flesh is more tender than the extra-hard, long storage varieties. Adaptation: 38-50° latitude. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in 98 days.

New York Early Onion 200 Organic Seeds


Parade Bunching Onion

Organic bunching onion. Parade has bright white shanks with no bulbing and dark green, erect foliage. Very uniform, upright growth makes for easy harvest and cleaning.

Harvest in 60 days.

Parade Bunching Onion (Green) 500 Organic Seeds


Red Burgundy OnionRed Burgundy Onion

Red Burgundy is a classic red onion. An attractive and mild-flavored onion that is a delicious complement to just about any dish. Short day onion.  Ready to harvest in about 100 days.

Red Burgundy Onion 200 Organic Seeds


Walla Walla OnionWalla Walla Onion

Walla Walla Onion is a juicy, sweet, regional favorite. In the Northwest, which has normal low winter temperatures above -10°F, seed is sown in late August, and a crop of very large, flattened, ultra-mild onions is harvested early the next summer.

Walla Walla may be spring planted using seeds or plants in colder regions where winter survival is hit or miss. It is not as big or sweet as the wintered-over crop, but still milder and juicier than others from spring planting. Nice as a "green top" onion. Not for storage.  Ready to eat in 125-300 days.

Walla Walla Onion 200 Organic Seeds


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