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Black Summer Pac Choi is a Hybrid. Beautiful, dark green Pac Choi. Broad, flat, light green petioles are topped with oval dark green leaves. Forms a perfect thick vase shape even when small. Slightly smaller in size (10-12") and a complement to the white-stemmed Joi Choi. Very slow bolting. Ready to harvest in 45 days.

Black Summer 200 Hybrid Seeds


Dark green Pac Choi with oval-round leaves for baby leaf. Leaves are an extra dark green with pale green stems and make an excellent baby leaf component. 10" tall at full size. Note: Since this is an open-pollinated variety, some full-size plants may be a bit pale.  Ready to harvest in 48 days.

Green Pac 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


This single-serving pac choi is ideal for restaurant accounts. Shiro Pac Choi has a mild flavor. 4 to 6" tall. Very uniform. For cool season only, as it tends to bolt in warm weather.  Ready to harvest in 30 days.

Shiro Pac Choi 200 Hybrid Seeds


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