Parsley Herb Seeds


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Darki Parsley Herb

Darki Parsley Herb (Green) 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Easy to grow market and culinary standard. A very dark green selection of the moss curled type. Use it for garnishes, salads, and cooking. It performs well in containers and allows for multiple cuttings per season from one planting. Upright leaves make harvesting easy. Tolerates light frost.  Harvest in about 75 days.

Favorit Parsley Herb

Unique curled parsley. Dark green, curled and cupped leaves (known as a Paramount type) on compact, upright plants. The sweet parsley flavor is excellent for flavoring soups and savory dishes. Softer texture than traditional curled parsley.  Harvest in about 75 days.

Giant of Italy Parsley

Giant of Italy 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Giant of Italy Parsley has huge leaves with great flavor.  Dark green, flat leaves with strong stems. Use leaves for garnishes, salads, and cooking. For highest yields, provide ample water and fertility. Medicinal: A bitter, aromatic, and diuretic herb that stimulates the digestive process. 

Harvest in about 80 days.

Moss Curled II Parsley

Moss Curled II Parsley 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Improved selection on the standard Moss Curled parsley. This culinary standard is easy to grow and tolerates light frost. The uniform, dark green, medium-fine curled leaves can be used as a garnish or a salad or entree ingredient. Multiple cuttings per season are possible from one planting.

Harvest in 80 days.

Peione Parsley

Peione Parsley (Green) 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Improved Giant of Italy-type with intermediate resistance to downy mildew. High leaf mass on thick, upright stems for easier harvest. Compared to the standard parsley Giant of Italy, Peione has larger and darker green leaves, a more uniform plant habit, and sweeter flavor.

Harvest in 75 days.

Titan Parsley Herb

Titan Parsley Herb (Green) 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Specialty flat-leaf for flavorful garnishes. Outstanding, sweet flavor lends itself to many culinary uses. Petite, dark-green leaves make an attractive fresh garnish. The smallest flat-leaf that we offer. Compact, upright plants with nice uniformity and yield. 

Harvest in about 75 days.

Triple Curled Parsley Herb

Triple Curled Parsley Herb (Green) 500 Heirloom Seeds


Most popular parsley for garnishing and flavor. Attractive dark green intensely curled leaves on 18 inch upright stems. Fast growing. Holds for a long time at harvesting stage even in warm weather. Rich in vitamins A, B, C and a good source of calcium, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.

Harvest in about 75 days.

Wega Parsley

Wega Parsley 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Highly uniform and refined curled parsley variety. Wega's upright habit makes it easy to harvest the dark green leaves. Suitable for field or container production. 

Harvest in about 80 days.

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