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This page gives instructions on how to buy rootstock seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Grow tomato rootstock to add disease resistance and much improved plant vigor for an extended harvest. Also resistant to crown rot and corky root. Disease resistance is transferred to the scion plant. NOTE: Maxifort should be used for rootstock only. If left to grow on its own, the fruit produced is small, stays green, and is not good for consumption. Check the internet for grafting procedures. We also sell the grafting clips. 

Maxifort 25 Hybrid Seeds


Estamino is a strong, generative rootstock that puts a high proportion of energy into fruit. Easier to balance than Maxifort and Colosus. Especially useful for tomatoes in cultivation for six months or less, in unheated hoophouses, or with small-fruited (less than 100 gm) varieties. Good disease package for soil. High resistance to fusarium races 0-2, fusarium crown and root rot, leaf mold, nematodes, tomato mosaic virus, tomato spotted wilt virus, and verticillium wilt. For use as rootstock only. Seed has been organically primed to improve germination. Organically grown.

Estamino 25 Organic Hybrid Seeds


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