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Marble Arch Mix II Salvia is a beautiful custom formula mix.Marble Arch Mix II Salvia

Averaging 40% rose, 40% blue-purple, and 20% white, these colored bracts decorate the tops of the 26-28" branches. Because this Salvia tolerates the first light frosts of fall, it provides beauty in containers, beds, and for cutting long after other annuals are gone. 

Edible Flowers: Leaves and flowers have a slightly sweet flavor. Add both to salads, soups, and cooked greens, and the flowers can also be used to garnish drinks and desserts.

Seeds can be fried and can also be used as a condiment.

Use essential oil to flavor certain beers and wines.

Ht. 26-28". Blooms in 70-85 days.

Marble Arch Mix II Salvia Flower 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


Victoria Blue Salvia grows 5 to 8Victoria Blue Salvia

Victoria Blue Salvia grows 5" to 8" spikes of deep blue blooms from summer to fall. Victoria Blue is a bit shorter than Gruppenblau, about a week later to flower, and a darker blue color. Uniform plants produce dense flower spikes that bloom from summer to frost.

Tolerates heat, humidity, and poor soils. Strong thin stems are harvested fresh or dried when bottom 3 to 4 flowers open. Well suited for mass plantings. Also known as mealycup sage and mealy-cup sage. Zones 8 to 10. Height 18 to 24".  Blooms in 125 to 130 days.

Victoria Blue Salvia Flower 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


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