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Slicing Tomatoes are perfect for salads or just snacking on like you would on an apple.Slicing Tomatoes are perfect for salads or just snacking on like you would on an apple.

This page gives instructions on how to buy slicing tomato seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Slicers are the quintessential tomato enjoyed at every summer picnic: they're big, round, and juicy. Perfect for slicing onto burgers, sandwiches, and subs, or fanning out on deli trays, they strike the right balance between meatiness and juiciness. At Davids Garden Seeds, our primary selection criterion is flavor; as such, our slicing tomato varieties are mouth-wateringly good. Choose from slicer varieties across a wide spectrum of colors.

Arkansas Traveler Slicing TomatoTomato Slicing Arkansas Traveler

Tomato Slicing Arkansas Traveler 50 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Arkansas Traveler Slicing Tomato is an Heirloom Red Tomato. It is indeterminate. Pre-1900 heirloom grown throughout the South from northwest Arkansas to North Carolina. 'Arkansas Traveler' is an old Southern heirloom much esteemed for its ability to produce flavorful tomatoes under conditions of drought and high heat where many other varieties fail. Medium-sized fruits are pink, and of wonderful flavor.  Harvest in about 89 days.

Better Boy Slicing TomatoTomato Slicing Better Boy

Tomato Slicing Better Boy 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


Holds a Guinness Book of World Records championship for yields: Nearly 350 lbs. of tomatoes from a single plant over a single season! Expect heavy yields of delicious, juicy, yet meaty, firm, round, red fruits weighing 10-16 oz. and more.  Has just the right balance of acid and sugar. Heavy foliage protects fruits from sun scald. Widely adaptable to climates and soil conditions. Requires staking or cages. Continues to be the choice for many Home Gardeners.  Harvest in about 80 days.

Black Prince Slicing Tomato is mahogany brown with flavor.Tomato Slicing Black Prince

Tomato Slicing Black Prince 50 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Black Prince Slicing Tomato is mahogany brown with flavor. Unusual brown shoulders become orange-red at the blossom end. Color will be deeper and more pronounced in sunnier locations. Distinctive, rich, fruity tomato flavor. Relatively smooth, 3 to 5 ounce, 3 inch globes show less cracking than typically seen in most heirlooms. Indeterminate. Harvest in about 74 days.

Tomato Slicing Bonny BestTomato Slicing Bonny Best

Tomato Slicing Bonny Best 25 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Plant produces heavy yields of 8 to 10 oz red tomatoes. These tomatoes are solid and meaty. Harvest in 85 days.

Campbell's 33 Slicing TomatoCampbell's 33 Slicing Tomato

Tomato Slicing Campbell's 33 - 50 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


Produces medium-early, 7 ounce fruits that are oblate, bright red, with green shoulders and good interior color. Sets fruit well under unfavorable conditions, with tolerance to cracking and strong disease resistance. Determinate.   Harvest in about 80 days.

Chocolate Stripes Slicing TomatoesTomato Slicing Chocolate Stripes

Tomato Slicing Chocolate Stripes 50 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


A true show stopper, Chocolate Stripes Slicing Tomatoes feature mahogany colored flesh with olive green striping. Complex, rich, earthy flavors reward the gardener with plants that yield a plentiful crop of 3-6" fruit. An excellent choice for salads and sandwiches, this one just might become your favorite!  Harvest in about 80 days.

Tomato Slicing Early DollTomato Slicing Early Doll

Tomato Slicing Early Doll 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


Early, 4-5 oz bright red globe shaped tomato. Excellent flavor. An early maturing tomato.Indeterminate.  Harvest in about 59 days.

Tomato Slicing FloradadeTomato Slicing Floradade

Tomato Slicing Floradade 25 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


Each plant produces five to seven ounce fruits that are delicious. The plants are heat tolerant up to 100° Fahrenheit so they will be good to grow in South Central Texas. Harvest in 77 days.

Green Zebra Slicing Tomato is a green-striped salad specialty.Green Zebra

Tomato Slicing Green Zebra 50 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Green Zebra Slicing Tomato is a green-striped salad specialty. A delicious, tangy salad tomato, ripe just as the green fruit develops a yellow blush, accentuating the darker green stripes. The 3 to 4 ounce fruits are the ideal size for slicing into wedges for salads. Productive over a long season. Developed by Tom Wagner. Though technically not an heirloom, we feel this is the best place to list it. Indeterminate. Harvest in about 72 days.

Japanese Black Trifele Slicing TomatoJapanese Black Trifele Slicing Tomato

Japanese Black Trifele Slicing Tomato 50 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


First early, great flavor. Fruits avg. 4-6 oz. and have better flavor and are more disease resistant than Early Girl. Widely adapted. High resistance to fusarium wilt races 1, 2 and verticillium wilt. Indeterminate. Harvest in about 74 days.

Tomato Slicing Jet StarTomato Slicing Jet Star

Tomato Slicing Jet Star 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


This early maturing plant produces tremendous yields of 7 to 9 ounce red tomatoes. They are meaty and very flavorful. Perfect for salads, sandwiches, and canning. In tests, it had the highest yield of total marketable and premium quality tomatoes averaging 100 tomatoes per plant. It is also rated as the top greenhouse tomato.

Suitable for commercial growers. Low acidity variety. Crack-resistant. A fresh market and plant sales favorite. To maximize yield potential, either stake or use cages. An excellent choice for home gardens, greenhouse, market growers and open field production. Disease Resistant: V, F. Indeterminate.

Jubilee Slicing TomatoJubilee Slicing Tomato

Tomato Slicing Jubilee 50 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Old standard cross between Tangerine and Rutgers. 5-6’ tall plants produce high yields of 8-12 oz, 2-3” diameter, globe-shaped, thick-walled, meaty fruits with few seeds. Bright golden-orange tomatoes have a mild sweet flavor, low acidity and high Vitamin C content.  Harvest in about 80 days.

Marglobe Slicing TomatoTomato Slicing Marglobe

Tomato Slicing Marglobe 50 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


The Marglobe Tomato is one of the old time favorite of the home gardener and one of the best heirloom tomato on the market as it is humidity, disease, and crack resistant. The plant yields high volume of medium sized globe-shaped tomatoes, versatile enough to fit just about any dish - salad, sandwich, or canned.  Plant Marglobe Tomato Seeds in your garden and harvest early tomatoes this spring! Determinate. 7 to 9 ounce fruits. Harvest in about 76 days.

This is the Slicing Moneymaker Tomato.This is the Slicing Moneymaker Tomato.

Tomato Slicing Moneymaker 25 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


A classic Heirloom "greenhouse" tomato, Moneymaker (as you might have guessed) has long been a popular cash crop for farmers, but is a favorite of home gardeners as well! Highly heat tolerant, Moneymaker is easy to grow and produces very red, 4-6 ounce fruits. Harvest in 80 days.

Tomato Slicing MoskvichTomato Slicing Moskvich

Tomato Slicing Moskvich 50 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Fruits are early, deep red, and cold tolerant. Rich flavor. Smooth and globe-shaped. 4-6 oz. with a small stem scar. Indeterminate. Extra early tomatoes. Harvest in 59 days.

Mountain Fresh Plus Slicing Tomato

Mountain Fresh Plus Slicing Tomato 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


The most widely-grown market tomato in the East and Midwest. Able to tolerate cool and wet conditions, this big red tomato produces attractive, 8 to 16 ounce slicers with good flavor. Developed by Dr. Randy Gardner at North Carolina State University. Vigorous plants provide plenty of leaf cover.   Harvest in about 75 days.

Tomato Slicing NepalTomato Slicing Nepal

Tomato Slicing Nepal 25 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Bright red flesh with a great flavo, the Nepal slicing tomato is perfect for your salad. It has round, smooth fruits that average 10 to 12 ounces. Harvest in 80 days.

New Girl Slicing TomatoTomato Slicing New Girl

Tomato Slicing New Girl 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


First early, great flavor. Fruits average 4 to 6 ounces and have better flavor and are more disease resistant than Early Girl. Widely adapted. High resistance to fusarium wilt races 1, 2 and verticillium wilt. Indeterminate.  Harvest in about 65 days.

Tomato Slicing New YorkerTomato Slicing New Yorker

Tomato Slicing New Yorker 50 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


High yields of smooth, meaty, 4 to 6 ounce, scarlet globes. Bush beefsteak-type plants set fruit in cool, short-season conditions. Won't split or suffer blossom end rot. Determinate.  Harvest in about 66 days.

Oregon Spring Slicing Tomato is a medium-sized, early, cold tolerant.Tomato Slicing Oregon Spring

Tomato Slicing Oregon Spring 50 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


Oregon Spring Slicing Tomato is a medium-sized, early, cold tolerant. Averages 6 to 7 oz. fruit. First early harvest for cool northern or high-elevation locations. Compact plant. High resistance to verticillium wilt. Determinate. Harvest in about 60 days.

Tomato Slicing Paul RobesonTomato Slicing Paul Robeson

Tomato Slicing Paul Robeson 25 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Plant produces good yields of 8 to 12 oz brick-red tomatoes. Named in honor of the famous opera singer and equal rights advocate. Harvest in 85 days.

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Slicing TomatoPink Berkeley Tie Dye Slicing Tomato

Tomato Slicing Pink Berkeley Tie Dye 25 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


Unique appearance with heirloom-quality flavor. 8 to 12 ounce fruits are dark pink with green striping, and the flesh is pink with yellow streaks. The flavor is outstanding - sweet and complex like the finest heirlooms.  The compact, indeterminate plants performed much better than average under disease pressure in our Albion trials. Indeterminate.  Harvest in about 70 days.

Rutgers Slicing TomatoTomato Slicing Rutgers

Tomato Slicing Rutgers 50 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Determinate. An exquisite tasting tomato, the “Rutgers” is an open-pollinated variety that was originally created by the Campbell’s Soup Company in the 1920’s and then perfected and improved by Rutgers University a few decades later. Disease-resistant, Heirloom Rutgers is arguably the finest canning tomato. Disease Resistant Codes Va Vd Aal Fol.  Harvest in about 80 days.

Tomato Slicing SiouxTomato Slicing Sioux

Tomato Slicing Sioux 25 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds


Heat tolerant slicing tomatoes are great for canning, cooking, and salads with a delicious flavor. Harvest in 70 days.

Stupice Slicing TomatoStupice Slicing Tomato

Tomato Slicing Stupice 50 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Stupice Slicing Tomato is a great potato leaf variety that comes from Czechoslovakia. One of the best early tomatoes, this is among the earliest. Perfect for gardeners in northern climes. Excellent flavor for an early type; these produce lots of red, small to medium sized fruit over a very long season. Highly popular in areas with short summers.  Harvest in about 70 days.

Tomato Slicing Tasmanian ChocolateTomato Slicing Tasmanian Chocolate

Tomato Slicing Tasmanian Chocolate 25 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


An heirloom slicing tomato with great flavor, it ripens to a lovely mahogany brown color. Harvest in 75 days.

Tomato Slicing Valley GirlTomato Slicing Valley Girl

Tomato Slicing Valley Girl 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


This early slicer is crack resistant. Harvest in 85 days.

Tomato Slicing Wisconsin 55Tomato Slicing Wisconsin 55

Tomato Slicing Wisconsin 55 - 25 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds


Produces 6 to 8 oz. slicers that are great for fresh eating and popular for canning, particularly for stewed tomatoes. Harvest in 75 days.

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