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Beach is a tall branching sunflower. Attractive wild sunflower native to the Gulf Coast. Multi-branching plants grow to 6 ft., with dozens of 2-4 in. yellow flowers on long stems. Leaves are similar to cucumbers’ - a lighter green and more ragged. Drought tolerant and vigorous, keeps blooming for up to 3 months. Birds love the small seeds, choosing them over other sunflowers. Blooms in about 60 days.

Beach 50 Organic Seeds


Big Smile is a dwarf branching sunflower.  They are attractive in small beds, containers, and 4 to 6 inch pots. Three to six inch blooms are bright golden-yellow with a black center. Day neutral. When grown in pots the plants will grow to a height of 10 to 15 inches. When grown in a flower bed they will grow 12-24 inches tall. Blooms in about 60 days

Big Smile 50 Open Pollinated  Seeds


Chocolate is a tall branching variety with long stems. Flowers measure 4-6" across and are a rich brown on the tops of the petals and a lovely, striped yellow on the undersides. Great in bouquets and garden borders. Ht. 36-60". Blooms in about 85 days.

Sunflower Chocolate 25 Open Pollinated Seeds


Evening Sun is a tall branching sunflower. Shades of autumn colors ranging from red, mahogany-red, burgundy, russet-bronze, vivid gold, all in bicolor blends. 3-5 in. flowers. Plants grow 6-8 ft. tall with a number of secondary blooms.

Evening Sun 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


A great, all-around mix of long lasting, sturdy blooms. Our Formula Mix is a favorite of gardeners and florists. Awesome blooms in an array of colors make for beautiful and striking flower arrangements, in the garden or in the vase!  Blooms in about 60 to 80 days.

Formula Mix 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


A classic heirloom sunflower, Henry Wilde offers that vintage, rustic and All-American style in an easy to cultivate, open-pollinated format. A favorite of birds and butterflies, their large heads will capture the admiration of any gardening enthusiast.  Blooms in about 90 days.

Henry Wilde 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


Jade is a tall branching sunflower. Early plantings produce vigorous plants with more branches. Flowers are 3-4" in diameter and pollen-less. Perfect for small, hand bouquets. Also known as common sunflower and annual sunflower. Ht. 36-48".  Blooms in about 80 days.

Jade 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Mammoth Grey Stripe sunflower is a tall single sunflower. With huge flowers (often 10 or 12" inches across) these garden giants are developed for seed production (Sunflower oil, bird seed, etc.) Remember, these are the ones that grow from 8 to a whopping 12 ft. tall, so unless you're planting them alone, scatter them throughout your meadow, or use them as a background screen. Kids love watching them grow so fast and so tall, and of course, they're magnets for songbirds. Seeds are great for eating. Blooms in about 90 days. 

Mammoth Grey Stripe 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Helianthus maximiliani (Asteraceae) A stout, upright perennial native to Texas extending north throughout the central plains states. Numerous bright yellow 3 inch flowers are found on the upper half of unbranched stems. The leaves are 4 to 8 inches in length, tapering at both ends. Soil fertility and the amount of moisture will determine the height of the plant. Does not seem to be temperamental about soil conditions but requires full sun. Provides excellent forage for upland game birds and other wildlife. A true perennial requiring two years to become established. Suggested Use: Wildlife food plots, disturbed areas, along fences. Miscellaneous: Maximilian Sunflowers are readily grazed by cattle and deer. Produces an abundant supply of seeds which many species of birds find hard to resist.

Maximilian 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


Moonshine is a dwarf branching sunflower.  Offering a gentle glow in your garden, like a full summer moon, these large, pale yellow blooms are offset by a wide, black center. A bit of a modern update to a classic look, Moonshine Sunflowers are perfect in the garden and stunning in a vase!  Blooms in 60 days.

Moonshine 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


Ring of Fire is a tall branching sunflower.  Striking bi-colored petals that burst forth from the center in bold red, transitioning to bright yellow tips. Growing 4-6 feet tall, Ring of Fire Sunflower proudly branches out with long side stems producing several blooms per stalk.  Blooms in about 70 days.

Ring of Fire 25 Heirloom Seeds


Royal Hybrid is a single head tall sunflower.  High-yielding, early sunflower for delicious, gray-striped, edible seeds and bird food. Single stem/bloom plants are 7' in height with a flower diameter of 8". Traditional-type hybrid variety with larger seeds.

Royal Hybrid 100 Hybrid Seeds


Soraya is a tall branching sunflower. First sunflower to win an All-America Selections award. This big sister to Sonja has larger flowers and thicker, sturdier stems. Branches average 20" and sport 4-6" blooms. May yield as many as 20-25 stems/plant. Also suitable for year-round greenhouse production. Grows to 72 inches tall. Blooms in about 80 days.

Soraya 25 Open Pollinated Seeds


Strawberry Blonde is a dwarf branching sunflower. Flowers have burgundy, sometimes pink, petals with lemony tips and dark centers. Branching plants have long, strong side stems for cutting. Also known as common sunflower and annual sunflower. Day-length neutral. Pollenless. Edible Flowers: Flower buds can be fried and the petals used as a garnish in salads and desserts; the flavor is bittersweet

Strawberry Blonde 25 Hybrid Seeds


Sunny Smile is a dwarf single sunflower. A truly "miniature" sunflower for container and garden use. Golden orange petals surround a black disc. Plant habit depends on the size of the container. Will flower year round, regardless of day length. In small pots, under short day conditions, the plant will grow to about 6". In large containers, under long day conditions, branching can be induced and plants will grow to about 15-20". Also known as common sunflower and annual sunflower. Pollenless. Ht. 6-20".  Blooms in about 70 days.

Sunny Smile 25 Hybrid Seeds


Velvet Queen is a tall branching sunflower. Organic seeds. Rich, dark, and velvety. 5" blooms of burgundy, mahogany, chestnut, and bronze with dark centers. Well-branched, free-flowering plants with strong stems. Ht. 60".  Blooms in about 70 days.

Velvet Queen 50 Organic Seeds


Topolino is a dwarf branching sunflower with a branching habit that is ideally suited to border and bedding plantings, but also performs well in a container. Medium sized, single flowers feature classic bright yellow petals around a dark center.  Blooms in about 60 days

Topolino 50 Heirloom Seeds


Vanilla Ice is a dwarf branching sunflower with sunflowers that are gorgeous. Harvest bouquets in early morning or late afternoon hours. Collect flowers that are almost completely open. Remove leaves below water line. The cut flowers have a vase life of 6 to 10 days. Sequential plantings every two to four weeks apart will provide continuous color and bouquets. Blooms in about 70 days.

Vanilla Ice 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


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