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This page gives instructions on how to buy sweet pea flower seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Bijou Mix Sweet Pea has all the beautiful color and fragrance of traditional Heirloom Sweet Peas, but in a more compact, "dwarf" package! Bijou Mix Sweet Peas are the perfect choice for borders, containers, or any smaller space.  Blooms in 75-80 days.

Bijou Mix 50 Open Pollinated Dwarf Seeds


Early and prolific. Developed for flowering under short days, low light conditions, and in cool greenhouses. Also produces abundant flowers in the long days of early summer. Suitable for spring or midwinter production. Long stems bear 3-5 blooms in seven shades of red, four shades of pink, two shades of purple, as well as blue and white. Formerly called Winter Elegance. Can be spelled either as sweet pea or sweetpea. Ht. 60-72".

Elegance Formula Mix 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Also known as Perennial Sweet Pea, Everlasting Sweet Pea is a European native from the 16th century. Sweet, dainty tendrils will climb trellis or fence creating 6-8' vines. Enjoy a summer full of beautiful, pink blooms year after year!  Blooms in 75-80 days.

Everlasting Pea 100 Heirloom Seeds


Mammoth Choice Sweet Pea Mix is a mix of deep rose, rose pink, salmon, scarlet, white, lavender, medium blue, and deep burgundy. We were surprised to learn this early-flowering variety can withstand extreme heat and drought unusually well, producing well into the summer. Large flowers, long stems, fragrant. Heat tolerant. Grows to a height of 60 to 72 inches.  Blooms in 85-95 days.

Mammoth Mix 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Royal Mix Sweet Pea has long stems for cutting carry large, 2" blossoms in bright, clear colors of red, purple, mauve, pink, blue, and white. Blooms over a long period with exceptional fragrance. Long-lasting cut flower. Ht. 72 inches.  Blooms in 90 days.

Royal Mix 50 Heirloom Seeds


One of the most heat tolerant varieties of Sweet Peas we offer, the Old Spice Mix is a wonderful blend of lovely color and intoxicating fragrance! A classic climbing Sweet Pea, be sure to provide seeds with full sun, adequate moisture and plenty of space to climb!  Blooms in about 100 days.

Old Spice 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


Ruffled petals on long stems! These flowers look as good as they smell with their uniquely ruffled, bicolor petals. Displayed alone or mixed with solid color varieties in bouquets, they are simply gorgeous. One of the most fragrant sweet pea varieties. Very popular in England. Can be spelled either as sweet pea or sweetpea. Ht. 72-96".

Spencer Ripple Formula Mix 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Streamer Mix has a lovely variegated petals in a mix of pink, red, lavender and even peach, our Streamer Mix Sweet Peas make quite the statement in the garden, or the vase! Trailing branches can reach 5-6 feet and are simply gorgeous on a trellis or lattice, but few can resist bringing a few of these sweetly scented, extra large blooms indoors in a vase.

Streamer Mix 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


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