Texas A&M Recommended Seeds


This page gives instructions on how to Buy Texas A&M Recommended Seeds from David's Garden Seeds. Texas A&M University has a fabulous agricultural department that puts out a recommended garden seed list for spring planting and another one for fall planting for Texas gardens.

Texas A&M Fall Planting Seed Collection

This photo shows some of the 34 varieties of seeds that you get when you order David's Garden Seeds ® Texas A&M Recommended Fall Planting Seed Collection.

Texas A&M Recommended Seeds for Fall Planting -- 34 Varieties 6000 Plus Seeds (Open Pollinated, Heirloom, Organic, Hybrid)

Not available as a set.

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Each set is packed in a foil package that has a zip-lock seal. Then each foil package is placed inside a plastic bag for protection during storage and shipping.

This pack contains 34 different seed varieties that include: Bush Bean Blue Lake and Royal Burgundy, Bean Lima Fordhook, Beet Detroit Dark, Cabbage Red Acre, Carrot Imperator, Cauliflower Snow Crown, Swiss Chard Bright Lights, Collards Vates, Cucumber Diva, Eggplant Black Beauty, Herb Parsley Giant of Italy, Kohlrabi Azur Star, Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson, Lettuce Red Sails, Mustard Greens Tendergreen, Onion 1015Y, Pepper Ornamental Aladdin, Pepper Hot Anaheim Chili, Pepper Hot Cayenne, Pepper Hot Big Jim, Pepper Hot Habanero, Pepper TAM Jalapeno, Pepper Serrano, Pumpkin New England, Radish Champion, Southern Pea Texas Cream, Squash Summer Crookneck, Squash Winter Acorn Autumn Mix, Squash Winter Waltham Butternut, Squash Winter Spaghetti, Turnip 7-Top, Turnip Toyko Cross, and Zucchini Black Beauty.

Texas A&M Spring Planting Seed Collection

Texas A&M Spring Recommended Planting Seed Collection has 37 varieties of seeds.

Texas A and M recommends the following for spring planting:

Not available as a set.

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Asparagus UC-157, Bush Bean Blue Lake, Bean Lima Henderson, Bush Bean Pole Kentucky Wonder, Beet Ruby Queen, Broccoli Green Magic, Cabbage Red Acre, Carrot Danvers, Cauliflower Snow Crown, Collards Georgia Southern, Corn Silver Queen, Cucumber Straight Eight, Eggplant Black Beauty, Greens Malabar, Kohlrabi Vienna Purple, Leek American Flag, Lettuce Buttercrunch, Lettuce Salad Bowl Red, Fruit Cantaloupe TAM Uvalde, Mustard Greens Green Wave , Okra Clemson Spineless, Onion Texas 1015Y, Parsley Italian, Parsnip Harris Model, Pea Wando, Pea Southern Pink Eye Purple Hull, Pepper Cayenne, Pepper Jalapeno, Bell Pepper, Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern, Radish Cherry Belle , Spinach New Zealand, Squash Early Prolific, Squash Butternut, Swiss Chard Ruby, Tomato Celebrity, Watermelon Crimson Sweet, and Watermelon Tendersweet Orange.

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David's Garden Seeds® Mission Statement

Here at David’s Garden Seeds®, gardening is our passion. We provide top quality, non-GMO seeds so families can learn about gardening and love it.  In turn, we hope they will pass this passion down to their children and grandchildren, teaching them to grow  delicious food, fresh herbs and beautiful flowers.