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Do you want a gardening challenge? Tired of doing the same thing with tomatoes year after year. Then try this tomato grafting kit. This is a complete tomato grafting set. Everything you need to get your grafted tomatoes off to a great start. Kit contains: • Dome Clear 22.0" L x 11.3" W x 7.8" H • Dome Clear 22 L x 11 W x 2 High • Tray White Leak-proof 10.8 Wide x 21.25 Long; 1.3" deep • 18 each 4 x 4 black pots • #22 Scalpel • Maxifort Rootstock Tomato Seeds, pack of 25 • Germination soil for 18 pots • 2 each rulers marked at 1/4 inch for proper planting depth • 25 Grafting Clips, spring loaded • Germination tips developed by DGS. This kit is for beefsteak and slicing tomatoes.

Complete Grafting  Set


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