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This pages gives details on how to buy watercress seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Cressida is also known as "Curly Cress" or "Peppergrass". Typically grown indoors in flats or soilless culture like radish sprouts. Can be open-field grown, broadcast, or sown in a band. Flavor similar to watercress. Plant thickly. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in about 10 days.

Cress Cressida 500 Organic Seeds


Cress Watercress has unique curled leaves that provide texture, loft, and a peppery flavor to salads. Holds well in both the field and post harvest. Recommended variety for field production due to bolt resistance, ease of harvest, and multiple cuts from a single planting.  Ready to harvest in 30 days.

Watercress 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Upland Watercress is the best cress for the outdoor garden with six to eight inch rosettes of dark green, glossy, rounded leaves. It is similar to watercress but much easier to grow. The plants are very slow to bolt and long-standing. Sometimes called "Creasy Greens" in the South, it is the tastiest of winter pot herbs, planted in the fall for winter and spring greens. Put a mess of greens in a pot with a little water and cook over slow heat, along with beans or meat, and then you eat it all at once, with cornbread.  Ready to harvest in 58 days.

Cress Upland 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


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