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Dark Belle Watermelon

Dark Belle Watermelon (Red) 25 Hybrid Seeds


Unique shape, size, and rind color. Oblong, 5 to 7 pound fruits attract attention at market. Dark-green skin, bright-red flesh, thin rind, and very sweet flavor. An excellent mini companion to Little Baby Flower or Sorbet. Widely adapted, with reliable performance in the Northern U.S.

Harvest in about 55 days.

Mini Love Watermelon

Mini Love Watermelon 25 Hybrid Seeds


Personal-sized, early, delicious, sweet and firm, oval-round fruits average 3 to 5 pounds per melon. Distinctive, bright green rind with dark green stripes and dense, bright red flesh. Very productive. Has fewer and smaller seeds, brighter flesh, a thicker rind, and better field-holding ability. Averaging 2 to 4 fruits per plant.

Harvest in about 75 days.

New Orchid Watermelon (Orange)

New Orchid Watermelon (Orange) 25 Hybrid Seeds


Sweet, bright orange flesh. Beautiful appearance inside and out. New Orchid's outstanding, sherbet-like taste makes it a real people pleaser. The fruits are a medium large "icebox" size, averaging 7 to 9 pounds, and oval-round. The skin has dark green, high-contrast stripes; similar to Sunshine in appearance.

Harvest in about 80 days.

Sorbet Swirl Watermelon

Sorbet Swirl Watermelon (Multi) 25 Hybrid Seeds


The finest multicolored watermelon we have seen. Flesh has beautiful pastel swirls of red and yellow. This fruit averages about 10 pounds and they are round to oval with 8 inches in diameter. Display a cut specimen for your customers' inspection. It is relatively early, has performed well in both cool and warm years, and has first-rate sweetness and texture. 

Harvest in about 80 days.

Starlight Watermelon (Red)

Starlight Watermelon (Red) 25 Hybrid Seeds


Festival type. Round, 8 inches in diameter fruits weighing 10 to 12 pounds Deep green with highly contrasting black stripes. Red flesh has excellent flavor with crisp texture.

Harvest in about 80 days.

Sunshine Watermelon (Yellow)

Sunshine Watermelon (Yellow) 25 Hybrid Seeds


Superior yellow-flesh watermelon. The oval-round, striped melons are "icebox" size, averaging 8 to 10 pounds. Sunshine's bright yellow flesh is brittle, juicy, and very sweet. Strong, thin rind, bright green with dark green stripes. Compact vine. Resistant to hollow heart. 

Harvest in about 90 days.

Sureness Watermelon (Yellow)

Sureness Watermelon (Yellow) 25 Hybrid Seeds


Superior yellow-flesh watermelon. An improvement over Sunshine, this "icebox" melon is more widely adapted and produces a more flavorful, harvest-able yield under adverse conditions. Attractive dark green skin with narrow, dark green stripes (the same stripe pattern as Dark Belle). The sweet, bright yellow flesh is concealed by a thin rind. Yields mostly oval, with some rounds. Averaging 1 to 2 fruits per plant.

Harvest in about 75 days.

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