Watermelon Open Pollinated Seeds


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Allsweet Watermelon

Allsweet Watermelon (Red) 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


A long striped melon, tough rind, firm red flesh. Small seed, 25 to 30 pounds. Keeps well. Excellent shipper.

Harvest in about 90 days.

Blacktail Mountain Watermelon

Blacktail Mountain Watermelon (Red) 25 Open Pollinated Seeds


Small-fruited, earliest of all. An excellent small, fast maturing, highly productive watermelon that can be successfully grown in cool short season areas or southern hot, humid, areas. Developed by Glenn Drowns. Round 9 inch fruits have a dark green rind with small brown seeds. Orange-red flesh has sweet, rich flavor. When harvested just under-ripe, melons will ripen in storage and keep up to 2 months. 

Harvest in about 70 days.

Jubilee Improved Watermelon

Jubilee Improved Watermelon (Red) 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Jubilee Improved watermelon seeds produce a two foot long, one foot in diameter watermelon that is guaranteed to be the life of your party or picnic! Jubilee Improved watermelon seeds thrive in a warm climate where they grow between 26 to 38 pounds! Watermelon connoisseurs praise Jubilee Improved Watermelons for their vibrantly red, firm flesh that is very sweet in taste and delicate in texture. Jubilee Improved watermelons have a medium thick, light green rind with dark green stripes. Gardeners will appreciate that Jubilee Improved watermelon seeds are disease resistant to Fusarium Wilt and Anthracnose! 

Harvest in about 90 days.

Tendergold Watermelon

Tendergold Watermelon (Orange) 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Plant produces good yields of medium size 28 pound watermelons. This is one of the best yellow to orange flesh watermelons on the market. It has solid flesh that is very crisp, very sweet, and very flavorable. The yellow flesh turns more orange as it ripens and taste improves with time. Keeps well and will last 7 to 20 days longer after ripening. Grow pink, red, white, and yellow watermelons to make a great tasting salad. Excellent choice for home gardeners and market growers. 

Harvest in about 90 days.

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