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Now you can buy melon seeds from David's Garden Seeds that are not cantaloupes or watermelons.

Banana Melon

The banana melon is so-called because it looks more like a large banana than a cantaloupe. It’s a fascinating and unusual melon, with a hint of banana taste and aroma.

Harvest in about 90 days.

Banana Melon (Orange) 50 Heirloom Seeds


A canary melon with sweet, juicy white flesh. The smooth yellow melons avg. 5-5 1/2" X 4 1/2-5 1/2", and about 4 pounds. Flesh is very sweet and juicy.

Harvest when fruit turns dark yellow, at forced-slip stage, or cut from vine.

Brilliant Melon (Yellow) 25 Hybrid Seeds


Golden Beauty Casaba Melon

Harvest in about 90 days.

Break open the bright yellow rind of the popular Golden Beauty Casaba Melon to reveal sweet and tender, cream colored flesh. Incorrectly called a honeydew by some, this melon can grow up to 8 pounds and has a thin rind, making more room for the sweet interior flesh.

Golden Beauty Casaba Melon (Yellow) 50 Heirloom Seeds


Charentais Melon

Renowned for its tropical, super-sweet taste and exotic perfume, Charentais Melon is the quintessential French melon.

Almost 100 years ago, the Randon family brought the Charentais, widely considered one of the sweetest melons, to fruition. This grey-green gem has been blessing gardens ever since.

Charentais Melon (Orange) 50 Heirloom Seeds


Honeydew Green Melon

The Honeydew Green Melon is the classic green honeydew – sweet and delicious. Excellent by itself, in salads, or in desserts. The Honeydew Green melon can be grown successfully in most climates, but tends to thrive in the south and southwest.

Honeydew Green Melon (Green) 50 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Orange Honeydew Melon

The Honeydew Orange is an absolutely delicious – and beautiful – honeydew melon. Taste is immensely sweet with hints of creaminess. An excellent honeydew choice for either home or market growers.

Harvest in 90 days.

Melon Honeydew Orange Melon (Orange) 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Savor melons

The sweetest French melon. Unsurpassed eating quality. The small, 2-lb melons are of the classic Charentais type: faintly ribbed, with a smooth gray-green rind and dark-green sutures.

Sweet and aromatic, deep-orange flesh. High resistance to fusarium wilt races 0-2; and intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.

Harvest in 85 days.

Savor Melons (Orange) 25 Hybrid Seeds


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