Colorado Growing

by Mike

The pinto bean seeds arrived in a reasonable time. 4 of the 5 I planted (indoor gardening, I have no space for more), have popped up and are now about 8 inches tall in less than 3 weeks. I did not soak the seeds, (to reduce the likelihood of splitting them beforehand) and I planted them vertically (straight up and down) in potting mix with a combination of sand and pumice, with newspaper bits and bubble wrap beneath the soil layer for (theoretically) better drainage, as this is indoor container gardening from repurposed items I am attempting. The room they are in has 25-40% humidity and stays between 68-80 degrees right now in the middle of a mild Colorado winter, and the room also gets great sunlight most of the time, most of the year. First time attempting anything like this, so hopefully they turn out for me, but the way things are starting, I think I am going to do all right with it, so long as I keep up with it and continue to learn how to improve.

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Oct 15, 2019
Growing Pinto Beans In Colorado
by: Juanita

Hi Mike! We lived in Colorado Springs for four years and each year we had an awesome spring and summer garden in our yard. Colorado is a wonderful place to grow beans and so much more. That is where we learned to blanch and freeze as well as can our extra veggies. Sounds like you are doing okay indoors for the fall and winter but try gardening outdoors in the spring. You will be pleasantly surprised. We had our best gardens in Colorado! Thank you for choosing David's Garden Seeds.

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