David Suggested Some Changes I Made For Growing Fusion Romaine Lettuce

by Kal

Hi, David --
I recently (Jan.28) ordered Fusion lettuce from you through Amazon. I sowed about 2 dozen seeds fifteen days ago and only 3 have germinated. The three that germinated were slow to germinate and do not show much vigor. I planted 5 other types of lettuce seed from other seed sellers at the same time. They were all kept in the same conditions until they germinated. All of the other varieties germinated well and look strong. What do you think the problem is? I see a review on Amazon from someone who had similar results with this variety from you.
I have been growing my own seedlings for over 40 years; we have a large garden here in Maine and grow most of our own food. I admire what you are doing and am not asking for my money back, but I would like to hear from you about this.


What is the soil temp?

What is the room temp?
Are you growing inside or outside?

Can you send me some pictures of your set up? Here are some germination tips (copied and pasted from https://www.davids-garden-seeds-and-products.com/steps-of-seed-germination.html)

I plant inside into plastic 6-packs, with six 6-packs in a plastic tray. I then put the tray in a large clear plastic bag to keep the soil moist. Trays like lettuce are left to germinate in a 70degree room . I check the six-packs twice a day and remove any six pack that has any germination so I can put it on a large table in a south-facing window. I don’t think pictures would add any additional information.

You would be surprised what I can tell by looking at some pictures.

David -- thanks for the Germination tips. I will try again with Fusion but I don't have a space that is regularly around 60 degrees. And the closest space to that would be my Squash Closet where I store winter squash. Problem is that space has no window, so when I try to give them the 8 - 10 hours of light, the seeds will inevitably be in a warmer space. I have never owned a Grow Light in 40 years of starting seeds, and have a high level of success without one.
But it's worth another try. I know seeds aren't usually 100% strict in their needs and can possibly handle conditions that are "better," though not perfect. Thanks for your sincere efforts to help; I appreciate dealing with a knowledgeable human and not a Customer Service person who doesn't really know the details.

David -- just wanted to let you know that I had excellent germination from your Fusion lettuce after making the changes you suggested. The difference was night and day. I'm very glad I consulted with you and grateful for your help. And I'm looking forward to tasting this new variety. Thank you very much!

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Apr 29, 2021
Romaine Fusion Lettuce
by: Juanita

This was a series of emails between Kal in Maine and David here in Texas. David knows a lot about gardening. Thank you, Kal.

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