Doomsday Arugula

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This is our Doomsday Arugula page.  It gives instructions on how many arugula plants are needed to feed one person for a year.

Wasabi Arugula is pretty easy to grow.

Arugula has 5 calories per cup,  so it is not a good vegetable to grow to try to get 1200 calories out of which is out doomsday goal.

It is a good ingredient to add to a salad of greens.

Arugula is easy to grow and here in San Antonio, we can grow it year round.  As long as the ground does not freeze, it will grow.

It can be dried into chips which we have bought and tried.  I did not care for it. If not drying it, eat it within hours of picking it.  It will not last long without refrigeration.

It is also a good green to use in your compost pile or to till under in the garden.

I would grow about 20 plants just to have them.  You grow these in a 4 x 8 raised bed.  One plant can produce thousands of seeds.  Just let it keep growing and when it matures, stalks will grow out of the middle of it, producing flowers, pods and then seeds.

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