Doomsday Bell Pepper Seeds

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This is our doomsday bell pepper seeds page.  It tells how many bell pepper seeds one would need on hand in an emergency situation.

One cup of bell peppers is about one bell pepper.  There are about 39 calories in a cup of bell peppers.    That comes out to about 30 peppers a day one would need to eat to survive.

This is about 11,000 peppers a year. 

You can get about fifteen peppers per plant.  This means you will need about 733 plants per year to feed one person. 

One pepper will produce about 100 seeds so you would need eight plants for seed production.  Another eight plants for reserve.

Let's say one would need 1000 seeds to grow bell peppers to eat and for seed production.

Bell peppers are full of nutritious value.  You can look all of these up for yourself on numerous websites.

Dried peppers can be kept for one to two years.  They will not lose any of their nutrition value.

You would need about 1/4 of an acre to grow this number of plants.

Space out your growing so that they do not mature all at one time.

Fresh bell peppers will last about 7 to 10 days.  They do not ripen after being picked, in my experience.  Some say they do.

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