Doomsday Cabbage

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On our Doomsday Cabbage page, you will find instructions on how many cabbage plants are needed to feed one person for a year.

Red Acre Cabbage is beautiful in salads.

One cup of cabbage has about 15 calories.  Based on a daily 1200 calorie diet, you would need 80 cups of cabbage per day.  One head of cabbage would provide about 8 cups per day.  You would need 10 heads of cabbage per day or 3650 per year.  We would need to grow about 4000 heads of cabbage for seed production and trading.  Also there will be some loss to insects and animals along the way.

We would need about 1/2 an acre of land for this. 

Cabbage can be canned or dried for storage.  A favorite thing to make from cabbage is kimchi.  The best way to make it is to store in the cold ground and let it "ferment." The best kimchi I have had was in Korea.  I have tried ordering it from several places, owned by Koreans, but it did not have the taste of the kimchi I had in Korea.

Anyway, there are many kimchi recipes on line and instructions for canning and drying as well.  Click here to see our kimchi collection.

Cabbage can be grown pretty much year round here in San Antonio since it seldom gets below 32 degrees for an extended amount of time.

Grow at intervals so that it does not all mature at once.  Cabbage will only last about 24 hours without refrigeration.  Only plant what you can eat and process for storage in a 24 hour period. With proper cool weather storage, raw cabbage can last up to 3 to 3 months.

Of course during the cooler months, you will be able to make some sort of "cold" storage container that will help your food last longer.  Where it freezes you may even be able to freeze enough ice to supply an "ice box" during the entire warm/hot season.

Of course you will need to gather canning and drying supplies before doomsday hits.  I see people saving a lot of food.  Perhaps they should cut down on the prepared food and focus more on obtaining what they are going to need for the long haul. 

One of these items is salt.  You will need a ton of salt for food storage and seasoning.  You cannot make salt.  It is a natural chemical.  If you live by the sea and have uncontaminated sea water--then you can make your own salt.  But most sea water has some sort of contaminate in it.

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