Doomsday Carrot

This page talks about doomsday carrot.  It gives information about how many seeds you need for one person to survive for one year off of carrots only.

Carrots come in a variety of colors.  There is the traditional red carrot, but there is also red, purple, white and yellow. Growing an off-color carrot may prevent a scavenger from scavenging from your carrots.  I know many people who will not eat a carrot that is any other color than orange.

They grow relativity close to the ground and the edible part is actually grown in the ground.  This makes it harder from a potential scavenger to see them.

As long as the ground does not freeze, they can be planted most anywhere.  There are short stubby ones to fat long ones. 

Carrots can take as little as 40 days to as many as 80 days to mature.  But they can be eaten at most any size.

Carrots will keep for a long time in mild weather.  They can also be canned or frozen.  Once the carrots are mature, as long as the ground stays fairly dry, they can be left out and pulled as needed.

How Many do I Need?

Assuming only 50 calories per cup of carrots and about 3 carrots to a cup means we would need 120 carrots per person per day for a 2000 calorie diet. 

The numbers I am providing are for one person assuming that all they have to eat are carrots.  Hopefully they have other things to eat as well.

So one person for one year, eating only carrots on a 2000 calorie diet would need about 44,000 carrots a year. 

I am sure that there is some disadvantage to this in that we would be getting too much of something.

So using what I call the 1/3 rule:

Plant 1/3 of your seeds for this season.  Keep 1/3 for next season.  Store 1/3 for emergency purposes. 

And you would want to make sure you keep these in separate places. So if something happens and you lose one cache, you do not lose them all.

So you would need about 50,000 carrot seeds a year. 

150,000 carrot seeds the first few years to make sure you can grow them. 

It takes 2 years for carrots to produce seeds.  One carrot will produce about 100 seeds.

You would need about 100 seeds for 100 plants to produce enough seeds to grow your next crop.

The seeds can be kept three to four years before they start losing their virility.

Remember what I have given you here is for one person who only has carrots to eat for one year.

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