Doomsday Collards

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This is our Doomsday Collards page.  It gives instructions on how many collard plants are needed to feed one person for a year, assuming there is nothing else to eat.

There are about 10 calories in one cup of collards.  On a 1200 daily calorie diet this would be 120 cups of collards a day.  It is not feasible to try to grow and eat this many collards in a day.

But they can be dried and canned so preparing a few for variety would not hurt.  You could get about 14 in a 4 x 8 foot raised bed.  They will also grow in colder weather.  Here in San Antonio they can be grow year round since it does not get below 32 degrees for more than a few days at a time very often.

They will last about 24 hours unrefrigerated.

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