Doomsday Corn

This is our Doomsday Corn Page.  It talks about how much corn to plant in a doomsday scenario.

The first thing we have to do is figure out how many heads of corn we need.

We know that one cup of corn has about 150 calories.

For one person, based on a 2000 calorie diet, eating corn only, we would need about 14 ears of corn per day.  For eating corn all year, we would need 5150 ears of corn for one person.  Most corn produces only one ear per stalk.

For seed production, each ear produces about 100 seeds or kernels.  For seed production we would need fifty seeds, but we always want a few extra, so lets say 100 seeds. 

One thing that I came up with is the 1/3 rule (if someone else has this I do not know about it).  Plant 1/3 of your seeds for this season.  Keep 1/3 for next season.  Store 1/3 for emergency purposes.

Do not keep all the seeds together.  Break your seeds down into three or four caches.  Design a system so you do not have to write it down.  Writing it down will give the bad guys something to look at and find your caches.

So we would need 5500 corn seeds to start with.

Now the kind of corn we want to use is dent corn. This is not sweet corn.

Dent corn can be eaten off the cob, ground to bake bread, cornmeal, grits, or used as feed for animals.  Dent corn is also used to make ethanol.  And corn can be used to make a little something to help you forget that you are in a doomsday situation.

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