Doomsday Dry Bean

This is our doomsday dry bean page.  It tells how many dry beans one would need on hand in an emergency situation, if all they had to eat were dry beans.

The bean we recommend is the pinto bean pictured at right.

Now there are many types of dry beans:  lima, fava, Navy and many others.  But we will focus on the pinto for this page.

One cup of pinto beans contains about 245 calories.  One plant will produce about one cup of beans.  On a 2000 calorie diet we would need about nine cups of beans per day.  That is nine plants per person per day.

We would need 3285 plants a year.  So I would have 4000 seeds for plants for eating.  One plant would produce about 100 seeds.  That would be another 400 seeds for seed production.  And we would want 400 in reserve.

We would use our 1/3 rule:  1/3 for growing, 1/3 for next year and 1/3 for emergencies.

In our 3 caches we would need 5000 seeds each.  I say caches because we would not want to put all of our seeds in one area just in case the bad guys find it or its gets destroyed somehow.

Fava beans can be grown in cooler weather.  I have had them survive temps of 28 degrees or so.

Dry beans, if kept dry, will last for years for seed production.  More years for eating.

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