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This is our doomsday fava bean seeds page.  It tells how many fava beans one would need on hand in an emergency situation.

Fava beans are one of the oldest plants under cultivation, having been grown in ancient Greece and Rome. Unlike other beans, they prefer cool weather, allowing them to be planted — and harvested — much earlier. Also known as broad beans, they are popular in Mediterranean cuisine, with many summer dishes celebrating the seasonal bean. They can also be dried for winter use. Fava beans have a distinct flavor and creamy texture that make them a fine ingredient for a wide variety of dishes.

The fava bean can handle temps down to 10 degrees.  This means that we can grow fava during part of the winter months or pretty much all winter long here in South Texas.

Fava beans have about 110 calories in one cup.  Based on a 1200 calorie diet we would need to eat about 11 cups of favas per day.  Keep in mind this is if we only had favas to eat.  Hopefully we have other things to eat with these.

Favas can be eaten green or dried and eaten later.  The fava is a fairly large seed so one plant will produce about one pound of beans. 

It will take about a 1/4 of fava beans to make a cup.  So we would need about 3 pounds of fava beans per day per person.  This would be about 4000 pounds a year or about 400 plants to feed one person.  We would need an additional 50 plants to produce seeds for next years growing and to have an emergency supply.

We can plant about 400 plants in a 4 x 8 foot raised bed.  We would need about 10 raised beds to feed one person for one year. 

The beans when eater green will only last for a couple of days without refrigeration.  Leave the pods on the plants until they turn brown for saving as a dry bean.  As a dry bean, they can last for several years as long as they are kept dry.

Stagger your planting so the harvest does not mature all at one time.  It will be a lot of work to prepare to dried beans for storage but it will be well worth the effort.

Remember our ancestors did it for generations so we can too.

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