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This page talks about Doomsday Green Beans.

One green bean plant will produce about 1/8 pound of beans if all goes right.

1/4 pound of green beans is about one cup.

So if green beans were all we had to eat (1200 calories a day) we would need about 30 to 40 cups of green beans each day to survive.  Remember we are just hypothetically speaking here--hopefully there is more than green beans to eat.

So how many green bean seeds would it take?

40 cups x 1/4 pounds is 10 pounds.  Lets figure bugs, disease and processing lost is about 2 pounds. (Also size of the bean matters.  Pick it pencil thin or ink pen thick will have make some difference.

So we would need 12 pounds of beans. 

It would take about ten plants to make one pound of beans.

For one day it would take 100 plants to totally live off green beans per day.

You would need 40,000 plants for one year's worth of beans for one person.

Bush bean plants grow best when planted 2 inches apart.  So every 4 square inches we can need a plant.  One acre is about 43000 square feet.  It would take four acres for one person to survive on green beans.

There would not be enough time to plant these and eat the forty cups a day.

Of course we would take into account other stuff we are growing, raising, catching or hunting.

We have given the basic formula for one person for one year.  From here you can break it down and figure out how many you need.

Also remember that for each person you need another unit for emergencies and another the next year.  Rotate the seeds so the new seeds are stored and the older ones are planted. 

And how many depends on the growing season, how you plan to store them and how long you can keep them before they go bad--usually up to three weeks.

For seed production, let the beans stay on the plant until they are dried.  This is best determined when the bean shell has turned brown.

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