Doomsday Hot Pepper Seeds

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When David's Garden Seeds® talks about hot peppers, we are not talking about Cayenne, Chili, Jalapeno, Ornamental or Serrano.

This is our Doomsday Hot Pepper Seeds page.  It tells how many hot pepper seeds one would need on hand in an emergency situation.

When David's Garden Seeds® talks about hot peppers, we are not talking about Cayenne, Chili, Jalapeno, Ornamental or Serrano.  

What we are talking about are the rest of the hot peppers that do not fit into these categories. Some of our hot peppers may fit into one of the categories listed above, but to the best of our knowledge, they do not.

There are tons of them. We sell over 26 types ourselves and are looking to add more all the time.  We hope to bring back the "Reaper" this year. It was the hottest now it is the 3rd hottest with Pepper X, developed by the same company, being the hottest.

Hot peppers would make you sick if you tried to eat enough of them to stay alive. It is best to pickle them, can them or dry them for long term storage. Once dried you can crush them and make a spicy powder to add to your meals. In any case, you can expect them to last for several years with powder form last three or more.

Also you can make insect repellent out of some of the hotter ones. They may also work as a deterrent to animals as well.

About ten plants would provide all the hot peppers you would need for several years. Hot pepper plants will continue to produce if they do not freeze. If you can cover them or bring them inside, then they will not freeze and will keep producing when the weather turns warm. 

I am only talking about places where it freezes for less than a couple of days at a time. Up north they will freeze and die if left outside. To move inside would require a heated greenhouse since they would need six to eight hours of daylight to survive.

In San Antonio, we very rarely see a freeze that last for more than a couple of days at a time, so we could cover or bring the plants inside, and then take them out when it is above freezing.

You would need to add canning supplies to your doomsday survival list.  Also a way to crush the dried peppers.  And a way to store them so they stay dry and cool.

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All of the variety information on the David's Garden Seeds® website, including the days to maturity, color and size are based on data from tests done at specific locations. Many factors, including geographic location, daytime and nighttime temperatures, the availability of plant nutrients, many unknown climate factors and insects/pest interact to determine a variety's performance. For information on which varieties will perform best in your area, we recommend that you contact your local county extension agent or a Master Gardener.

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