Doomsday Ornamental Pepper Seeds

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This is our doomsday ornamental pepper seeds page.  It tells how many ornamental pepper seeds one would need on hand in an emergency situation.

Ornamental peppers are tiny peppers that grow on in bush form.  They are usually very hot and should only be used as spicing up your food.

The plants will produce a number of colors--red, yellow, orange and purple.  They are usually not good when they are green but get the full flavor when they change color.  There is even a black one.

The can be dried and ground into a powder for long term use and storage.

Or you could make a hot sauce out of the peppers.  This sauce could last three to five years.

One plant will produce about 150 to 200 peppers a season.  So probably a couple of plants will be all you need.  And if you keep them from freezing they will continue to produce for a few years.

There is not a whole lot we can say about ornamental peppers.

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