Doomsday Pole Bean Seeds

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Delicious pole beans are easy to grow.

This is our doomsday pole bean seeds page.  It tells how many pole bean seeds you would need on hand in a doomsday situation.

Pole bean nutrition is about the same as bush beans. 

1/4 pound of pole beans is about one cup.  One cup has about 44 calories.   So you would need about 30 cups of pole beans per day to live.  This is about 8 pounds per day. 

You would need about 6 plants per day for one person or 2190 plants per year.  This is just for eating. 

For seed production you would need about 20 plants which will produce about 300 seeds each or 6000 seeds.  You would want 20 plants for backup as well.

So let us plan on growing 2300 plants.  You would need about 3 each of 4 x 8 foot raised beds for growing.  And you would need some kind of support for the pole beans.

Remember, we are just hypothetically speaking here--hopefully there is more than green beans to eat.

Where it gets tricky is pole beans will produce about 3 times what a bush bean will, depending on growing season, soil and so on.

It could be more or could be less.

Pole beans will continue to produce until it gets too hot, but once it cools down they will produce once again or until they freeze, as long as you keep them alive. 

Let us assume that we can get three times the amount of pole beans in the same space and time we can get bush beans.

So that would mean you would need about 3 each 4 x 8 foot raised beds for growing.  You would also need some way to support the pole beans since they can get up to 6 feet tall.  I had some in Michigan that grew to 10 feet tall.  I had to get a step ladder in order to pick the harvest.

Most of what applies to growing bush green beans also applies to pole beans.

Of course, if you grow the yard long bean, you would need even less plants and space to grow since they actually grow until they are three feet long.

And the Gita variety loves the heat.

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