Doomsday Watermelon


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Black Diamond Watermelon is juicy and sweet.

This is our Doomsday Watermelon page.  It gives instructions on how many watermelon plants are needed to feed one person for a year.

Watermelons have about 50 calories per cup.  On a 1200 calorie diet, that is about 24 cups per day.  You can get about three cups of watermelon from one.  That is about 1095 watermelons a year.  You would need about 1200 for eating, seed production and trading.  Figure about 3 watermelons on average for each plant.  This means you would need 400 watermelon plants per year per person.

Watermelon will last about 7 days unrefrigerated.  It can be dried and the watermelon rind can be pickled.

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